Academic Forgiveness Readmission

Core principles and standards with respect to academic forgiveness and readmission for students at Adelphi University.

Academic Freedom

Academic freedom is valued very highly at Adelphi; nevertheless, the University is disinclined to see the concept abused.

Academic Integrity

This policy sets forth core principles and standards with respect to academic integrity for students at Adelphi University.

Academic Transcript Policy

The University maintains in perpetuity an academic transcript of a student’s attempted coursework.

Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

These rules are in place to ensure an optimal learning and working environment, and the assurance of freedom in academic pursuit.

Acceptance of Gifts of Real Property

Provides guidelines for accepting and valuing gifts of real property.

Access to Campus

University faculty, staff, students and employees have the right to access and use campus facilities during specified times.

Access to Personnel Files

Employees who wish access to their personnel files must contact the Office of Human Resources at least 24 hours in advance requesting to review their files.


Provides direction in creating and maintaining accounts on computerized information systems operated by or on behalf of Adelphi University.

Adelphi University Service Animal Policy

Adelphi University recognizes that service animals provide individuals with disabilities enhanced autonomy and independence.

Adjunct Faculty

Defines the appointment and reappointment process, types of adjunct faculty, as well as related workload policies during appointment.

Adoption Leave

The University is committed to supporting best practice in relation to adoption leave to enable working parents to balance the needs of work and family life. The University recognizes that parents appreciate flexibility in how they provide care for their children and makes provision to support this.

Advances Policy

Standards and procedures to enable appropriate stewardship of its assets, cost-effective business practices, and accurate financial reporting.

Advertising for Employment

The University is required by law to follow certain guidelines such as the Equal Employment Opportunity when seeking candidates to fill university positions.

Affirmative Action / Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

Adelphi University is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and non-discrimination regarding all educational, student programs and employment actions and further commits not to discriminate against any individual on the basis of an individual's race, creed, color, national origin, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, genetic predisposition or carrier status, age, religion, marital status, veteran status, or any other basis protected by applicable local, state or federal laws.

Air Quality / Mold Testing

Adelphi University is committed to providing each employee a safe place of employment. AU will take actions to keep the workplace free of recognized hazards that cause, or are likely to cause, death or serious physical harm and, when available, will employ feasible means that will eliminate or materially reduce the recognized workplace hazard.

All-Gender Accessible Restroom Policy and Procedures for All Adelphi University Buildings

Guidelines and procedures related to the implementation of inclusive facilities in all Adelphi University buildings.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

It is the policy of Adelphi University to provide reasonable accommodations or academic adjustments when necessary.

Animal Care and Use 

This policy outlines the principles that govern the humane conduct of activities involving live animals.

Annual and Special Giving

These policies and procedures are intended to assist and guide the activities of personnel who are involved in annual and special giving to Adelphi.

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report: Collecting, Classifying, and Publishing

The University is committed to ensuring, as far as is reasonable and practicable, the security and safety of all students, staff, visitors and contractors whilst using and accessing the University campus.

Anti-Discrimination, Harassment (including Sexual Misconduct/Title IX) and Retaliation Policy

Adelphi University is committed to providing a working, learning and living environment free from sexual discrimination and harassment and to fostering a vibrant, nurturing community founded upon the fundamental dignity and worth of all of its members. As such, Adelphi University adheres to the Title IX regulations enacted in 2020 and maintains additional policies prohibiting gender-based misconduct, discrimination, harassment and retaliation.


University employees, students, affiliates, and visitors who engage in prohibited behavior shall be held accountable under University policy and local, state, and federal law. Any employee or student who commits prohibited behavior may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including, dismissal or expulsion, as well as arrest and prosecution.


University employees should dress appropriately to their duties, with no negative impact on the University’s image – and whenever possible, with a positive impact on that image.

Appointment and Reappointment of Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Processes for appointment and reappointment to non-tenure track faculty positions.

Appointment Letters

Each applicant who is offered a part-time (non-faculty) or full-time position and has accepted employment with the University must, at the time of appointment, receive a letter of appointment.

Archives Collecting Policy

University Archives (UASC) reserves the right to decline any materials that may harbor harmful matter such as mold or insects (identified by sight or smell) and/or insects for accessioning. If there is any doubt about the condition of the materials, please contact UASC for a preliminary appraisal.

Art Collection Management

The University Art Collection is a valuable resource for research and scholarship, exhibition and educational purposes shared by the academic and cultural communities it serves. The collection also enhances the cultural life and aesthetics of the University and the surrounding region.

Asbestos Management Program

It is the policy of Adelphi University to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for employees, faculty, students, contractors and visitors.

At Will Employment

All employees of Adelphi University, except for those exceptions described below, are employed on an “at will” basis.

Athletic Clearance Requirements

Medical clearance requirements for student athletes at Adelphi University to participate in intercollegiate sports.

Attendance and Punctuality

It is the policy of the University that employees report for duty at the assigned time and place, remain on duty during scheduled work hours, and accurately report hours worked and leave taken in accordance with State and Federal law.


Guidelines regarding the University’s responsibilities for conducting auctions to the public.

Authorization for the Movement of Funds between University Financial Accounts Policy

The policy set forth in this document is intended to govern the authorization requirement for withdrawals or transfers of funds from Adelphi University (“University”) financial accounts.

Authorized Signature Policy

It is the policy of Adelphi University that appropriate internal controls and accepted best practices be utilized in the approval of all financial transactions.

Award Management and Closeout

The University has a responsibility to manage the sponsored projects lifecycle, comply with policies, and close out completed sponsored projects in a timely and accurate manner.


Background Check

The University is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for the campus community. The University can better promote safety and security by obtaining information produced by background checks. Federal, state, and local regulations may also require background checks for specific individuals and/or positions covered under this policy.

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

To facilitate collaboration among the many individuals whose work affects our collective security, Adelphi established the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT), previously known as the University and Community Threat Assessment Team [UCTAT].

Benefit Insurance Plans

The University offers eligible employees, retirees, and dependents a diversified suite of benefit plans (“Benefit Plans”) from which they may elect coverage.

Bereavement (Funeral) Leave

University employees are provided with paid time off for making arrangements, settling family affairs, bereavement, and/or attending the funeral or memorial service of a member of the immediate family.

Bleacher Inspection Safety

Adelphi University bleachers must be inspected in order to ensure safety at university events.

Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan

Primary reference document for and is applicable to all Adelphi University employees who may receive occupational exposure to a bloodborne pathogen.

Book Recalls

If you need a book that has been checked out for at least 14 days already, you may request for that book to be recalled.

Budget Preparation

Each department must carefully prepare and monitor its approved budget in detail on at least a monthly basis.

Budgeting Policy for Sponsored Program Awards

Guidance for development of sponsored program budgets that are in compliance with sponsor requirements and University policy.


Campus Protest and Free Speech

An atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and responsibility is vital to the University’s existence and the achievement of its objectives.

Campus Security Authority (Clery Act): Identifying and Training CSAs

According to a federal law known as the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, Adelphi University is required to disclose “statistics concerning the occurrence of certain criminal offenses reported to local law enforcement agencies or any official of the institution who is defined as a “Campus Security Authority.”

Capital Assets, Purchasing and Initiating a Purchase

University purchasing policies and procedures apply uniformly to all funds administered by the University, whether they are unrestricted or restricted funds.

Capitalization Policy

Provides consistent and accurate capitalization of all assets held by the University.

Cash Receipts

Procedures for determining when and how the university will advance its financial resources and collect, or otherwise clear, these advances.

Catering - Outside Food Policy

This policy is to provide the guidelines and regulations governing outside food on campus.

Change Management

Governs changes to the University’s IT environment to ensure appropriate considerations are given before changes are made.

Changing an Employee’s Classification

The University is committed to fostering the growth and development of its employees.

Chemical Hygiene

Adelphi University strongly believes that it is the responsibility to ensure that our educational programs and other activities protect and promote the health and safety of our students, our employees, and the environment.

Classification of Employees

This policy describes the various classifications of positions in terms of Fair Labor Standards Act employment designations (exempt or nonexempt) and employee status definition.

Code of Conduct

The University has developed procedures and policies to safeguard and maintain an environment conducive to the learning process.

Code of Ethics

We are individually responsible to each other for exhibiting in our own actions the highest ethical standards.

Collaboration Studio Policies

Collaboration Studios are a shared resource, so please be considerate of others. Only current students with a valid Adelphi email address and ID card may reserve collaboration studios.

Collection Development Policy

The purpose of the Library’s collection development policy is to clearly state the principles which guide the selection, acquisition, renewal and de-selection of Library materials in response to the University’s mission and vision.

Commercial Driver License (Bus Drivers)

Most University bus drivers are required to have a Commercial Driver License.

Compliance Statement

Core principles and standards with respect to compliance at Adelphi University.

Compliance with the Clery Act

The goal of the Clery Act is to ensure students, prospective students, parents, employees, and prospective employees have access to accurate information about crimes committed on campus and campus security procedures that will assist them in making decisions that affect their personal safety.

Comprehensive/Capital Campaigns

Sets forth the structure and process for comprehensive and/or capital campaigns.


Employees who wish access to their personnel files must contact the Office of Human Resources at least 24 hours in advance requesting to review their files.

Conflict of Interest

An actual Conflict of Interest arises in a situation where financial or other personal or professional considerations compromise an individual’s objectivity, professional judgment, professional integrity, and/or ability to perform his or her professional responsibilities to the University.

Consensual Relationship Policy

This policy establishes rules for the conduct of consensual relationships between employees and between employees and students, including supervisory personnel, in an attempt to prevent conflicts and maintain a productive and professional work environment.

Constituent Fundraising

Insures that the receipt of gifts advances the University’s mission and is done in accordance with applicable local, state, and federal statutes.

Construction and Alteration to Physical Space Approval

Governs all building construction and alterations to physical space (including landlord-owned space) so that this activity is performed with the proper planning, oversight and direction.

Consultant Services

Process for approving and managing service or consulting agreements that faculty undertake under the auspices of Adelphi University.

Continuing Review of Faculty

The purpose of professional evaluations is to ensure that the educational goals and missions of the University are accomplished and to encourage the improvement of individual professional performance.

Contract Review

It is imperative that employees intending to enter into a contract with outside parties adhere to established procedures to protect Adelphi and themselves against this risk exposure.


Equitable remuneration resulting from copyrighted works where ownership is retained by the University, as well as the conditions under which ownership would be retained.

Costing Policy

Guidance to PI’s and their staff for monitoring costs that are in compliance with sponsor requirements and University policy.

Credit Card Marketing

The policy sets forth the procedures which Adelphi University shall accept financial institutions or business enterprise wishing to advertise, market or merchandise credit cards.

Credit Hour Policy

Each course at Adelphi University is assigned a number of credit hours, based on the traditional Carnegie Unit, as the unit of measure of the course’s level of instruction, academic rigor, and time requirements. The Office of the Provost bears responsibility for University compliance with federal and state regulations regarding credit hours, as well as compliance with the Credit Hour Policy of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.


Provides a standardized and consistent approach to crowdfunding that protects our good relationships with the many alumni, friends, corporations, foundations, and others who benefit Adelphi through philanthropy.


Dangerous Weapons

All members of the University community, as well as visitors, are prohibited from possessing firearms, explosives or weapons (hereafter referred to as “weapons”) on the premises of the University without the explicit advance authorization of the University, regardless of whether a federal or state license to possess the same has been issued to the possessor.

Defensive Driving Course

All university personnel that are permitted to operate a university owned, non-owned or rented vehicle must take a NYS sanctioned Defensive Driving Course.

Defined Contribution Retirement Plan 403(b)

The 403(b) Retirement Plan for faculty and staff (the 403(b) Plan) is a defined contribution plan under Section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Demonstration Policy

Principles and standards with respect to governing campus demonstrations at Adelphi University.

Dependent Care Spending Account

The Dependent Care Spending Account allows employees to pay for eligible dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Discretionary Expenditures Control Policy

This policy provides guidance for controlling discretionary expenditures.

Distance Learning Policy

Guidelines to assure the highest educational quality for such distributed learning.

Distribution of Literature

It is the University’s policy to forbid distribution of advertising material, commercial or charitable solicitations, merchandise catalogs, handbills, or materials of a political or potentially adversarial nature on the premises.

Docking an Exempt Employee’s Pay

The University prohibits improper deductions from pay and considers improper deductions as serious violations of University policy.

Donor Bill of Rights

Guidance to donors, explaining the rights they have when supporting Adelphi.

Drug and Alcohol

Adelphi University is committed to providing a safe, healthy learning community for all its members. The University recognizes that the improper and excessive use of alcohol and other drugs may interfere with the University's mission by negatively affecting the health and safety of students, faculty and staff.


Effort Reporting Policy

Effort reporting is the process by which the university determines and documents the effort expended on sponsored projects during each reporting period.

Effort Reporting Policy for Sponsored Programs Policy

Effort reporting is the process by which the University determines and documents the effort expended on sponsored projects during each reporting period.

Eligibility for Federal Financial Aid

U.S. Department of Education regulations require the disclosure of general information to help students and families make better-informed decisions about higher education.

Email Policy

This policy outlines and defines acceptable use of the University’s email services.


This policy is intended to offer guidance in the event of an emergency condition or possible emergency condition.

Emergency Closing

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and procedures for the closure of the University due to inclement weather and emergencies.

Emergency Condition

This policy sets forth procedures for the closure of the University due to inclement weather and guiding protocols for emergencies.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Adelphi University has implemented evacuation procedures to ensure safety for all faculty, staff, students and visitors on campus.

Emergency Notification Policy

The University Mass Notification System enables the University to instantly broadcast urgent messages and delivery instructions to the campus community when necessary.

Emeritus Status

The purpose of this policy is to provide basic guidance to faculty at the University around the process in which emeritus status is granted.

Employee HIPAA Privacy Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish appropriate guidelines in handling private health care information covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Employee Information Changes

This policy sets forth the process for updating and changing employee information within University systems.

Employee Recognition

Recognition shows employees they are valuable contributors to accomplishing Adelphi University’s mission. This policy establishes standards, considerations, and approval processes for employee recognition.

Employees Taking Classes During Working Hours

Eligible Adelphi University employees are allowed to enroll in classes and related laboratories each academic year except during their normal work hours.

Employment of Minors

State, as well as Federal Law, regulates the employment of minors. No child under the age of 16 may be employed by the University. Employment of those between the ages of 16 and 18 years of age must comply with all applicable state and federal regulations surrounding the employment of minors.

Employment Verification

Adelphi University is committed to providing a safe learning and working environment for its students, faculty and staff. Therefore, the University will conduct pre-employment background investigations on all individuals for whom employment is to be tendered.


It is the policy of Adelphi University to adopt and adhere to standards that are designed to ensure the proper management, administration and compliance of restricted endowment funds.

Establishing and Maintaining Bank Accounts at Financial Institutions Policy

The University must institute consistent financial controls for establishing and maintaining all bank accounts to enable appropriate stewardship of its assets, cost-effective business practices, and accurate financial reporting.

Exam/Assignment Absence Policy

The goal of this policy is to effectively balance religious holidays observed by members of the university with the regular academic schedule and requirements of faculty and students.

Exceptions to Full-Time Enrollment Requirement for Scholarship Policy

Students with documented/qualifying disabilities that preclude full-time attendance will be able to apply for institutional scholarships otherwise granted only to full-time students.

Exit Interview

The University is committed to providing quality programs and a good working environment for all employees. Exit interviews can be an important tool for gathering the kinds of information about the success of Human Resources programs.


Faculty Disciplinary Action

This policy provides basic guidance to University faculty around the manner, consequences, and process of disciplinary action.

Family and Medical Leave

The University will grant eligible employees leave under the FMLA for up to 12 workweeks during any 12-month period.

Federal Grant Subrecipient Monitoring Policy

Adelphi evaluates and monitors the financial and programmatic performance of Subrecipients, and assesses their capacity to properly manage a Subaward.

File Sharing and Downloading

This policy outlines guidelines for all users when file sharing and downloading files on Adelphi’s network.

Final Annual and Special Giving Processes

The policies set forth herein are to guide the activities of Adelphi University personnel involved in annual and special giving to Adelphi.

Financial Records Retention for Sponsored Programs

The purpose of this policy is to set forth the requirements for record retention and destruction of sponsored award financial records in accordance with University, Federal and sponsor terms and conditions.

Fire Safety

Adelphi University has long been committed to maintaining a comprehensive fire safety program for all members of the Adelphi community with the assistance of our students, faculty and staff, and through the cooperative efforts of the Garden City Fire Department, Nassau County Fire Marshal’s Office, and the New York State Office of Fire Prevention. Our fire safety program has contributed to what we believe is an excellent record of safety.

Fleet Management

The Department of Public Safety & Transportation monitors all maintenance on university vehicles.


General Rules of Conduct

This policy lists the following conduct which is prohibited on University premises or at University events, wherever they may occur.

Gift Announcement

To assure the accuracy and completeness of news that is released regarding gifts — both internally and externally — the University documents and records gifts fully and in compliance with the University’s gift acceptance policy prior to the release of any information about a gift.

Gift Solicitation, Acceptance, and Valuation

The policies and procedures set forth in this document are intended to assist and guide the activities of University personnel who are involved in the planning, promotion, solicitation, application, receipt, acceptance, and disposition of gifts to Adelphi University.

Gifts of Cash, Checks, and Charge Cards

These policies provide a standardized approach to the University’s acceptance of gifts of cash, checks, and charge cards.

Gifts of Securities

The policies and procedures set forth in this document are intended to assist and guide the activities of University personnel who are involved in the acceptance of gifts of securities to Adelphi.

Governance of Gifts and Donations

The policies and procedures set forth in this document are intended to assist and guide the activities of University personnel who are involved in the planning, promotion, solicitation, application, receipt, acceptance, and disposition of gifts to Adelphi.

Grading Policy

Adelphi utilizes a letter grading system for instructors to evaluate student competencies and course performance.

Grants and Award Management and Closeout

The policy provides requirements that are intended to facilitate the timely and accurate processing and recording of financial transactions and the management and closeout of sponsored projects.

Grievance Procedures and Arbitration

The purpose of this policy is to provide basic guidance to faculty at the University around the formal grievance procedures and arbitration at Adelphi University.

Guidelines on Gifts of Life Insurance

The policies and procedures set forth herein are to guide the activities of University personnel involved in the acceptance of gifts of life insurance to Adelphi.


Hate Crimes

Investigation of hate-motivated crimes and incidents are a priority at Adelphi University. The Department of Public Safety and Transportation’s response is necessary to assure the community that hate-motivated crimes and violence will not be tolerated, and that perpetrators of such crimes will be brought to justice.

Hazard Communications Program

To ensure that information about the dangers of all hazardous chemicals used by Adelphi University is known by all.

Hazardous Waste Management Plan

Outlines the safe storage and disposal of hazardous waste in accordance with applicable Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

Hazing Policy

Adelphi University opposes hazing in any form by any person or group associated with this University.

Health and Safety Policy

It is University policy to comply with all applicable health, safety and environmental protection laws, regulations and requirements.

Health Insurance Policy

This policy sets forth core principles and standards with respect to health insurance for students at Adelphi University. Health insurance is mandatory for all residential and international students.

Health Services Policies

Important forms and requirements designed to make sure everyone at Adelphi stays healthy.

Healthcare Spending Account

Health Care Spending Account contributions are taken directly from your pay before federal, most state and city income and social security taxes are deducted.


Adelphi University provides paid holidays to university staff scheduled to work 25 or more hours per week. These holidays include both designated and discretionary holidays.

Honorary Degree Policy

Adelphi University (“University”) awards honorary degrees on a selective basis to distinguished individuals (“Candidates”) who merit special recognition for outstanding achievement or leadership in a field or activity consistent with the ideals and purposes of the University. This policy sets forth the following standards and procedures for granting honorary degrees.

Hours of Work

Because of the differing nature of our business, departmental guidelines determine employee scheduling needs and should be communicated to employees as part of their orientation.


Identification Cards

This policy sets the policy regarding University ID Cards at Adelphi University.

Illicit Drugs and Alcohol

Adelphi University realizes the importance of a drug-free campus and is therefore strongly committed to the prevention of substance abuse.

Information Classification and Protection Policy

This policy ensures that the types of information that are in use by the University are identified and classified, and establishes a formal ownership of each type.

Information Security Incident Handling Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide the framework in which information security incidents will be handled.

Institutional Review Board

Facilitating research and ensuring compliance with requirements.

Investment Policy

Guidance for Adelphi University and the investment adviser and managers in prudent supervision and management of assets and investments.

IRS Form 8300

The policies and procedures set forth in this document are intended to assist and guide the activities of University personnel related to completion of the IRS Form 8300.


Jury Duty

Employees are encouraged to serve on jury duty and fulfill their court-related, civic obligations. The University provides regular faculty or staff members paid time off to do so without change in status or loss of pay.



This policy is intended to provide general operating guidelines needed to protect personnel and facilities while also ensuring authorized access to those areas and facilities necessary for the efficient performance of normal/routine duties and responsibilities.


Laser Safety Plan

Adelphi University strongly believes that every care possible should be taken to prevent accidents and hazards to the safety of all, which includes students, faculty, and staff.

Legal Defense and Indemnification

Adelphi University provides legal defense and indemnification to eligible individuals with respect to claims that arise from activity within the scope of University employment and/or in the performance of authorized duties. To qualify, an individual must also request such defense and/or indemnification and cooperate in the defense of any action or proceeding as provided herein.

Libraries Conduct Policy

University Libraries and its community of users observe a relationship of reciprocal rights and responsibilities.

Library Cell Phone Use Policy

Enjoy the library while being considerate of your fellow students.

Library Fines

If you’re concerned about your library account, reach out to University Libraries and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

Library Food and Drink Policy

The Adelphi University Libraries' food and drink policy is intended to maintain a pleasant environment conducive to research while preserving our collections, equipment and facilities.

Library Loans

Loan periods vary based on the type of item you are borrowing and your user status.

Library Printing and Scanning Policy

Swirbul Library has printers in its labs and on the first and second floors that users can print to from computers and mobile devices.

Library Privileges for Alumni

Special borrowing, research, and parking privileges are available for alumni of Adelphi University, who register with the Office of Alumni Relations.

Library Record Privacy

The Adelphi University Libraries are committed to protecting the privacy of all of its users. In maintaining the confidentiality of all library records, our privacy policy conforms to the Code of Ethics of the American Library Association and New York State and Federal law.

Library Visit Policy - High School Classes

Adelphi University Libraries welcome high school classes to schedule library tours and library instruction sessions through our Admissions office; more information is available at Group Visits. Instruction sessions are available when classes are not in session (i.e. January Intersession, Spring Break).

License Event Notification System (LENS)

All university personnel that operate a motor vehicle as part of their employment are required to undergo a Motor Vehicle Department background check. Their credentials are submitted to NYSDMV to obtain a driving abstract through LENS.

Lock out-Tag-out for the Facilities Management Department

All Adelphi University employees will be protected from injuries caused by unexpected energizing or starts up of machines or equipment, or release of stored energy during service, repair, maintenance, operation, and associated activities. This policy establishes minimum performance requirements for the control of such potentially hazardous conditions. This will be accomplished by locking out and tagging out energy isolating devices, and otherwise disabling machines or equipment to prevent unexpected energizing, start-up or release of stored energy.

Lockdown vs. Shelter-in-Place Plan

Adelphi wants all faculty, staff, and students to know how to respond in the event of a lockdown or shelter in place order. The Lockdown or Shelter-In-Place plan protects students, faculty, and staff in the event of imminent or immediate exposure to a dangerous situation.

Locksmith Services

The locksmith maintains the efficient and effective operation of all door-locking hardware across the Adelphi campuses to provide a safe and secure environment for students, University personnel and visitors.


Travel Policies are to provide clear directions on how to plan and organize travel with the safety of the students, sports teams, educational groups, faculty, staff and administrative representatives in mind.

Logo Usage Policy

Our single most identifiable and important asset is our logo. Adelphi University’s logo shape, color and usage need to be protected and honored. This guide will help you use it correctly.

Lost or Damaged Library Materials

Any library material that is lost or damaged must be reported immediately and the borrower will be responsible for the cost of its replacements.

Lunch Breaks

Break and meal periods are intended to give an employee a chance to renew attention and energy after working for an extensive period so that he or she can remain productive and efficient in performing assigned tasks.


Mail and Personal Safety

Adelphi University is committed to ensuring the safety of all members of the University community and maintaining the safety and security of our mail services.

Mass Email

This policy provides key requirements and guidance for the use of mass email at Adelphi University. It is designed to help the Adelphi community reduce the number of nonessential emails and give alternative options to communicate messages internally and externally at Adelphi.

Meal Plan Reductions For Religious Or Medical Purposes Policy

Dining with other students is an important part of the residential experience in that it builds connections within the residence hall and campus communities. With this in mind, Residence Life collaborates with Adelphi Dining Services to provide students with high quality, nourishing, and plentiful dining options.

Military Leave

The University will provide unpaid leave time to employees who are called to active or training service in the Uniformed Services of the United States.

Minimum Wage

This policy describes how the University sets the minimum wage pay for employees to be in compliance with applicable federal laws.

Missing Students

It is the policy of Adelphi University, through the collaboration with the Assistant Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs and the Department of Public Safety and Transportation, to investigate any report of a missing student who is enrolled and attending classes at any Adelphi campus or global academic center.


Naming Policy

The Board of Trustees of Adelphi University retains authority for naming all University facilities and properties; i.e., all buildings; major portions of buildings; university or college streets or roads; and all other highly visible facilities and properties.

NCAA Name, Image and Likeness

The purpose of this document is to provide Adelphi University student-athletes, coaches and Adelphi personnel with policies regarding the usage of a student-athlete’s name, image or likeness (NIL).

NCAA Policy on Campus Sexual Violence

This policy sets forth the disclosures required by Adelphi University (the “University”) of all incoming, continuing and transfer student-athletes in accordance with the NCAA Board of Governors Policy on Campus Sexual Violence as revised.

Nepotism Policy

This policy addresses the potential perception of favoritism, preferential treatment or the appearance of conflicts in hiring relatives for faculty, staff and students.

Network Connection Policy

This policy outlines usage of the Adelphi network connection and authorizations for who may connect and disconnect equipment.

New Employee Onboarding

Onboarding programs assist staff in understanding institutional values and culture, and as a result, encourage commitment to the institution. As an ongoing process, onboarding begins during recruitment and selection, and continues as needed throughout the individual's employment.

New York Paid Family Leave Policy

New York Paid Family Leave (NYPFL) will provide job security and paid time off from work for a specified period of time to care for a new child, a seriously ill family member or if a family member is called to active military service.

Non-Cash Charitable Contributions

The policies and procedures set forth in this document are intended to assist and guide the activities of University personnel who are involved in the acceptance of non-cash charitable contributions to Adelphi.


Outside Employment

Employees may engage in certain employment outside the university, provided that the employee has obtained prior approval of his or her supervisor and the employee complies with all relevant University policies, including policies regarding conflicts of interest and annual leave.

Overtime Pay

At some point, all non-exempt employees (i.e., those eligible for overtime pay) may be required to work beyond their normal work schedule. In these cases, supervisors should provide employees with as much advance notice as possible and should appropriately assign and distribute overtime among all eligible employees.


Parking and Traffic

Parking regulations apply to all students, faculty, staff, visitors and vendors and their vehicles using campus-parking facilities, including parking field #9 (Garden City Pool).


This policy is intended to demonstrate the University’s support of academic freedom, provide an incentive for engaging in research, and facilitate the creative works of faculty, staff and students.

Pay Periods and Checks

This policy defines the pay schedules for the various employees of Adelphi University.

Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Policy

Students who require personal care attendant services are strongly encouraged, where possible, to hire a PCA who is not a family member, friend, or another student.

Personal Days

It is the policy of Adelphi University to provide eligible employees annual personal holidays. All usage of personal holiday time is subject to supervisory approval.

Personal Leaves of Absence

Full-time nonunion employees may request an unpaid leave of absence for personal, and/or family-related reasons.

Personnel Records

University personnel records should be accurate, relevant, and safe from improper disclosure. Federal and state laws require that certain information be gathered and maintained in personnel files.

Pet Policy for Live-in Staff

This policy establishes guidelines and procedures to allow professional staff members who live on campus in the residence halls to have pets.

Physical Access Policy

In order to prevent service disruptions or loss of data integrity or confidentiality, access to physical areas in which sensitive equipment is located and/or where information is processed must be controlled.

Planned Giving

By offering and encouraging planned gifts, Adelphi University seeks to enable a broader group of supporters to make more significant gifts to the institution, either during their lifetime or as part of an estate plan, than they could otherwise make through outright gifts.

Pledges Policy

These policies are intended to provide a standardized and consistent approach to the University’s gift accounting procedures.

Political Participation

Adelphi University, as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, is prohibited from participating or intervening in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.

Possession of Dangerous Articles

Adelphi University is committed to providing a safe and secure environment in which to study, research, live, work and visit.

Post-Issuance Compliance Tax Exempt Bond Financings

The University finances certain capital projects through the issuance of qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt bonds.

Posthumous Award of Degree and Certificates Policy

Adelphi University extends sympathy and compassion to families of deceased students nearing completion of their degrees.

Posting of Positions

University personnel records should be accurate, relevant, and safe from improper disclosure. Federal and state laws require that certain information be gathered and maintained in personnel files.

Prevention and Security

Representatives of the University join together at first year, transfer and employee orientations to provide information on services offered by the University. Presentations include a Campus Safety 101 video, information relative to personal safety on and off campus, the most common crimes that do occur on and around the campus such as thefts, and information on the numerous pamphlets, and security alerts available to the community.

Privacy and Release of Student Education Records (FERPA)

Adelphi University is committed to protecting the privacy of student records and to providing notifications to students of their rights.

Privacy Policy

Adelphi University is committed to safeguarding the privacy of your personal data.

Privacy vs. Confidentiality Policy

Adelphi University recognizes that students, employees, and others who have experienced crime, especially acts of sexual violence, are concerned about the confidentiality and privacy of information relating to an incident.

Protected Information Handling Policy

This policy describes a set of requirements that apply to all persons who use information that has been designated as protected information.

Protocol for Student Complaints Concerning the Actions of Members of Faculty

Adelphi University is responsible for fully and fairly addressing complaints concerning conduct by faculty while acting in the context of affiliation with the University.

Protocols for Contact from Immigration and Customs Enforcement

It is essential for the university to have a consistent set of protocols to serve as a guide when responding to government inquiries.

Public Safety Policies

Adelphi University has developed and implemented policies and emergency plans to keep the campus community safe and secure.

Public Safety Safeguards for Personal Information

The Department of Public Safety and Transportation has in place safeguards to assure that all personal information that we have access to is adequately secured and not provided to any individual without authorization from the Chief of Campus Safety and Emergency Management or designee.


Procurement policies guide purchases of goods or services for funds administered by the University.


Radiation Safety

Adelphi University is committed to supporting the educational mission of the institution through efficient information storage and retrieval, appropriate auditing procedures, professional personnel services, and a safe environment.


Adelphi University must coordinate all raffles on campus to ensure compliance with state laws and integrations with the University’s comprehensive annual events. The Office of the Vice President of University Advancement is responsible for this coordination.

Re-Employment of Former Employees

The University sets requirements for the re-employment of faculty and staff who have retired or resigned from the University, received a separation incentive/phased retirement from the University or when terminated in specific situations.

Reading Room Policies and Procedures

Because the vast majority of the Archives and Special Collections' holdings are unique, rare, or extremely fragile, we ask patrons to help us preserve these materials for future scholars by following our policies and special handling requirements.

Reasonable Accommodation for Extension of Assignment Deadline Policy

Adelphi University recognizes that an extension of assignment deadline may be a reasonable accommodation in certain situations because one’s disability may present challenges with meeting assignment deadlines.

Reasonable Accommodations in Housing Assignments

This document sets out policy and procedures for students with disabilities seeking reasonable accommodations in University housing assignments.

Reasonable Flexibility to Attendance Policy

Adelphi University complies with federal and state disability laws that prohibit discrimination and ensure equal access for qualified persons with disabilities to educational programs, services, housing and activities.

Recruitment and Hiring

All recruitment and employment activities for Adelphi University are conducted in accordance with applicable University, state, and federal laws, regulations, and policies concerning equal employment opportunity and affirmative action.

Reduced Course Load Policy

Depending on the nature and functional limitations of a student’s documented disability, he or she may be eligible to take less than a full time course load, as governed by this policy.

Reduction in Force

This policy establishes a process for the position elimination of regular full-time and part-time non-faculty positions at the University.

Refund Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance for students on the refund procedures of the University.

Refund Policy (Tuition and Fees)

Understand what to expect with our tuition refund policies.

Registered Sexual Offenders

The “Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act” (Section 106 of Public law 106-38) is a federal law that provides for the tracking of convicted sex offenders enrolled at or employed by institutions of higher education.

Registration Policy

Students must be officially registered at the University to be permitted to attend classes and utilize University resources.

Religious Affiliate Policy

This policy will provide inclusive religious services to our diverse student body regardless of religious affiliation or non-affiliation.  This policy will allow for professionally trained personnel (“religious affiliates”) to assist with the Interfaith Center’s mission to support engagement of students in a spiritual setting.   

Religious Holidays

Individuals may not be discriminated against because of their religious beliefs or practices, or because they lack religious beliefs or practices

Remote Work Expense

The purpose of this policy is to establish the rules and guidelines pertaining to purchases required to work remotely. As always, employees are expected to spend University funds prudently and for valid business purposes.

Remote Working

The purpose of this policy is to delineate the policy for employees who are approved to work remotely by their supervisors at alternate work locations for all or part of their workweek.

Reporting a Crime

If you are the victim of a crime, including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking, you are encouraged to report the crime to public safety or the police. If you do not want to pursue action within the University system or the criminal justice system you may still want, and are encouraged, to consider making a private/confidential report.

Research and Data Management Procedure

Members of the Office of the Vice President of University Advancement research staff abide by the code of ethics established by the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement (APRA). As such, they are committed to the ethical collection and use of information in the pursuit of legitimate institutional goals.

Research Financial Conflict of Interest  

To ensure the highest quality research free from bias and financial conflict of interest (FCOI), Adelphi University has designed and implemented the following policy based upon federal guidelines.

Residence Hall Agreement

This policy sets forth core principles and standards with respect to the residence hall agreement for students at Adelphi University.

Resignation from Employment

This policy is designed to ensure the correct process is followed by Adelphi University employees in the event of an employee tendering their resignation from the University.

Restroom Use Guidelines

Many people may experience difficulty and inconvenience when required to use gender-specific restrooms. This policy is intended to address several issues that are associated with gender specific restrooms.

Retiree Health Insurance Benefits

The retiree medical benefits are available to employees age 55 or older who retire from the University and their eligible dependents.

Return or Renew Books

Eligible books can be returned or renewed in person by bringing the book physically into the library that issued the loan. Books can also be returned via shipping.

Right to Express Breast Milk in the Workplace

The University supports nursing employees by accommodating an employee who needs to express breast milk during the workday.

Room Refund Policy

This policy sets forth core principles and standards with respect to room refunds for students living on campus at Adelphi University.

Room Reservations

Auxiliary & Event Services manages room reservations for the University Center, Campbell Lounge, Alumni House, and select Nexus Building rooms.


Salaries for Faculty Returning From Administrative Positions to Faculty

This policy addresses the terms and conditions which will govern the transition, if any, back to a faculty position upon completion of the administrative assignment.

Short-Term Disability

Adelphi University provides Short Term Disability (STD) to eligible staff employees who have completed their probationary period.

Sick Leave Policy

Adelphi University provides paid sick leave for its full-time and regular part-time non-faculty employees. Sick leave may be accrued and used under certain conditions.

Skill Testing of Applicants

The purpose of this policy is to establish appropriate guidelines for departments and offices that wish to use a skill test for potential employment candidates.

Smoking Policy

Adelphi University is committed to the improvement of the health and safety of students and employees, and to full compliance with New York State and local laws that limit smoking.

Social Media

This policy defines the rules and procedures for the use of an official University social media account (see definition below) to ensure that University-sponsored social media activity is both legal and in compliance with University policies.

Social Security Number

This policy describes the purpose of an employee’s social security number for employment purposes.


For the convenience of its community, Adelphi University allows limited sales to be conducted on its campus in ways that are consistent with the university’s mission, take account of off-campus businesses, and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Speakers Policy for Students

This policy exists with respect to guest speakers that will result in a maximum exchange of ideas and opinions.

Special Collections Collection Development Policy

Special Collections’ primary responsibility is to support the teaching and research of Adelphi University’s faculty, administration, and students. Responsible collecting includes a commitment to provide optimal storage, processing, preservation, and access to special collections materials.

Special Events

Adelphi University seeks to create a campus culture that generates intellectual excitement and lifelong learning. This includes supporting campus activities that further individual development. Such events are either sanctioned by the University or sponsored by external groups requesting use of University facilities and services.

Spread of Hours Pay

Non-exempt employees whose “spread of hours” is more than 10 hours in a day must be paid an additional hour of pay on top of their normal payment.

Stages of Cultivation

The policies and procedures set forth in this document are intended to assist and guide the activities of Adelphi University personnel who are involved in the planning, promotion, solicitation, application, receipt, acceptance, and disposition of gifts to the University.

Stewardship Procedure and Process

The policies and procedures set forth in this document are intended to assist and guide the activities of University personnel who are involved in the planning, promotion, solicitation, application, receipt, acceptance, and disposition of gifts to Adelphi University.

Student Access Office Forms and Policies

Formerly the Office of Disability Support Services, the SAO encourages students with disabilities to effectively advocate for themselves within the University community while providing cost-free assistance and services.

Student Disclosure

The federal government requires institutions of higher education to disclose certain information to all enrolled students.

Student Employment

The basis for student employment is to help meet the needs of the university, provide university students with financial support in pursuit of their academic goals and provide opportunities for academic or administrative job experience.

Student Immunization

Immunizations offer protection against illnesses that can seriously affect your health and the safety of the community at large.

Student Medical Leave of Absence

This policy sets forth core principles and standards with respect to academic integrity for student Requirements for a Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA) at Adelphi University.

Student Pregnancy and Parental Leave

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (“Title IX”), 20 U.S.C. §1681 et seq., is a Federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex—including pregnancy and parental status—in educational programs and activities. 

Student Protection Program

The Department of Public Safety and Transportation has arranged for a number of merchants in the immediate Garden City area to post stickers in their windows, identifying them as safe places for student assistance in the case of an emergency.

Student Texting and SMS Policy

This policy provides key requirements and guidance for the approved and most effective use of text (one-way) and SMS (two-way) messaging to Adelphi students via University-approved platforms in coordination with institutional communication methods and goals.

Study Abroad Policies

Adelphi grants qualified students the option to live and study in a variety of approved international destinations for at least one semester during their studies.

Survey Registration Requirements

All surveys should be coordinated by the Office of Research, Assessment and Planning.

Swirbul Library Classroom Use Policy

Swirbul Library classrooms 100 and 101 are designated as after-hours study rooms for current Adelphi Students with a valid Adelphi University student ID.


Taxes on Unrelated Business Income

In accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), Adelphi University is a tax-exempt organization.

Taxpayer Identification Number Form (W-9) Requirement

This policy helps the University with its compliance with IRS regulations concerning the issuance and accuracy of annual tax statements to vendors.

Teaching by Administrators

This policy describes the possibility of administrators teaching classes provided certain guidelines and prerequisites are met.

Telecommunications Policy

Adelphi University provides telephone service for individuals undertaking mission-related activities. The university recognizes the need for personal telephone use, but expects individuals to pay directly for personal long-distance telephone calls.


This policy defines and details what Tenure is, as well as the procedures and criteria to be met to be awarded tenure.

Time Sheets

Time reporting is the basis for determining payment to employees for services performed and it is the policy of the University to use time sheets to report employee’s time while at work.

Timely Warning Notice [TWN] / Safety Alert

Ensure compliance with the Timely Warning requirements of the Jeanne Clery Act and to provide Adelphi University, including faculty, staff, and students with timely information about crimes.

Title IV Code of Conduct Requirements

The Code of Conduct Related to Student Loan Activities is a requirement specific to transactions and activities related to financial aid matters and is required to have a code of conduct applicable to personnel with loan responsibilities.

Transfer Credit Policy

Your transcript will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis by an admissions counselor to determine course equivalencies, as well as exemptions from the general education requirements.


The University aims to provide safe and reliable methods of transportation to all faculty, staff, and students.

Tuition Credit Voucher Policy

Tuition credit vouchers are issued to cooperating partners in appreciation for their personnel supervising students in a clinical experience through the Ruth S. Ammon College of Education and Health Sciences.

Tuition Exchange

Adelphi University is a member of a national organization that administers tuition scholarships for dependent children of current employees from member colleges and universities.

Tuition Payment Policies

Stay on top of your payments by reviewing our tuition policies.

Tuition Remission

Adelphi University provides Tuition Remission to eligible non union and certain union employees and their families to enhance their occupational proficiencies and provide opportunities for professional development.


Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment insurance is a New York State Department of Labor program. It provides compensation to qualified workers during involuntary periods of unemployment.

University Admissions Document Retention

Adelphi University is committed to compliance with good business practices in managing its records.

University Vehicles

Adelphi University vehicles are available under certain circumstances for use in support of the university’s mission of education, research, and community service.

Use of Software Not Managed by Adelphi IT

This policy outlines the usage of software not managed by Adelphi IT, and outlines requirements and exceptions.

Use of Temporary Agencies

Adelphi University is committed to ensuring that it delivers excellent academic, student and professional support services at all times.



Adelphi University provides vacation time to eligible university staff for personal, family, community, and other outside needs and obligations.

Vehicle Usage Policy

This policy discusses Adelphi University-owned, non-owned and rental vehicles. Adelphi University (AU) vehicles may only be used for official AU business, with exceptions. The use of university vehicles for personal or other non-official business is strictly prohibited.

Violent Offenses

This policy furthers the university’s commitment to creating a learning, living, and working environment free of bias, discrimination, harassment, and sexual and related misconduct, and to meeting applicable legal requirements.

Violent Offenses

This policy furthers the university’s commitment to creating a learning, living, and working environment free of bias, discrimination, harassment, and sexual and related misconduct, and to meeting applicable legal requirements.


The University encourages all faculty and staff to vote and allows flexibility to address required travel to polling places. ​


Whistleblower Hotline

Adelphi has a Whistleblower Plan, which is a safe and easy way to report financial or ethical concerns, such as theft or fraud. You may report anonymously.

Whistleblower Policy

In accordance with federal, state and local laws, individuals who in good faith report a Concern will not be subject to any form of retaliation, intimidation, harassment, or adverse employment action by the University.      

Work Life Programs

As part of our ongoing commitment to the health and wellness of employees, the University offers a variety of programs focused on healthy lifestyles and balancing the responsibilities of work and personal life.


Year End Gifts

Adelphi University appreciates and depends upon the generosity of alumni and friends to support its mission, programs, and purposes. Gifts must be solicited, accepted, processed, recorded, and acknowledged in a manner that protects the interests of both the institution and its donors.

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