Adele Chat and SMS Support

Adelphi’s chatbot—named Adele by our campus community—answers your questions about Adelphi by accessing an extensive knowledge base and ongoing artificial intelligence (AI) learning.

Apporto: Remote Lab Access to PC Software

Apporto is a web-based virtual computer lab that provides remote access for students and faculty to most software applications normally found in an on-campus computer lab or classroom.

Assistive Technology

Hardware and software solutions for those who have learning, communication, and access difficulties.

AU2GO Mobile App

AU2GO is a web app accessible from any smartphone, tablet or mobile device.

Automated Call Attendant

An automated call attendant system allows callers to be automatically transferred to an extension based on menu options.


Bulletin Updates

The official Adelphi University Bulletin content is maintained by the University Registrar.


Call Center Solutions

A Call Center system allows for multiple users to use one main number to respond to inquiries.

Charging Stations

Device charging stations for phones, tablets and laptops are available for use on the Garden City campus.


Adelphi’s system for course registration, bill payments, and other academic and financial information.

CLASS Student User Guide

Course Listing, Advising and Student Services (CLASS) offers online access to important academic, biographic and financial information. It can be used from any computer has Internet access.

Classroom and Lab Software Requests (Faculty)

Faculty may request specialty software to be installed in a teaching lab at Adelphi. This form is to be used by Teaching Faculty only during the bi-annual software request periods.

Classroom Technology

Multimedia capabilities for video and audio broadcasting and presentations.


Students can actively participate in class by submitting their responses digitally.

Computer Kiosks

Internet Kiosks are set up all over campus so students can use computers on the go if they need to. Find out where the computers are located here on Adelphi University's campus.

Computer Labs

Computer labs on the Adelphi campuses feature a variety of software.

Conference Calls

Toll free conference calling (up to to 20 participants) for the Adelphi community.

Coursera Career Academy

Adelphi offers Coursera Career Academy to help fuel your lifetime of learning and professional development.

Cybersecurity Tips for Traveling

View precautionary measures you can take to lower your risk of being a target while traveling.


Database Services

Our team members perform database research, migration, maintenance and monitoring, data transfer.

Delegated Email Accounts

For department use, shared inboxes provide a means to receive email at a general (rather than individual) address.

Digital Signage

Displays University information on indoor or outdoor screens on Adelphi's campuses.

Dining Mobile App

Download the Transact Mobile Ordering app to order food at Adelphi.

Directory Updates

Phone, email, and contact information for individual members of the Adelphi community.

Document Management and Imaging

Document imaging helps departments manage documents and workflows in a secure electronic environment.



How to set up your eCampus portal account and log in.

Email Signatures

Faculty and staff are invited to use a standard University email signature.

Endpoint Management - Software Center (Microsoft)

Software Center is part of Microsoft’s Endpoint Configuration Manager, which allows IT to deliver, manage, support and update applications and Windows workstations across campus.

Equipment Loan

Borrow laptops, wireless presenters, video cameras, speakers and more.

Equipment Moves

Please do not move equipment yourself. You must inform the Help Desk of any equipment that needs to be moved.

Equipment Recycling Request

If you have Adelphi equipment that is no longer in use, you can contact IT for environmentally conscious recycling.

Event Multimedia Services

Multimedia support for faculty and staff for events in classrooms and lecture halls on campus.


Faculty Payroll and Course Load

Provides the ability to analyze and report faculty course loads against contract requirements for payroll approval.

Faculty Profiles

Browse profiles to find background on faculty research interests, publications, awards, course listings and contact information.

Faculty Textbook Adoptions with Follett Discover

Adelphi’s Bookstore provides faculty members the ability to choose required and recommended course materials for upcoming course sections using their system, Follett Discover.


Sharing copyrighted files is illegal and can cause major issues.


Gallagher Lab

This collaborative classroom work space features multiple display screens and room configurations.

Game Consoles and Other Connected Devices

How to connect a gaming console through the wired network in the residence halls.

General Access Computer Workstations

Adelphi has plenty of computer workstations and kiosks around our campus and center locations.

Generative AI

Generative AI is a transformative technology with the potential to revolutionize workflows across Adelphi University. 

Gmail for Adelphi

Access your Adelphi Gmail account via eCampus using any desktop computer, laptop or mobile device with an internet connection.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar has powerful tools that enable you to better manage your schedule and make it easier to connect with others.

Google Drive File Stream

Access Google Drive directly from your Mac/PC

Google Meet Video Conferencing

Google Meet video conferencing allows you to create an online meeting with up to 100 participants and meet for up to 60 minutes per meeting.

Google Shared Drives

Shared Drives are collaborative spaces where teams can store their files and guarantee that every member has the most up-to-date information.

Google Takeout - Transferring Information to Your Personal Gmail Account

Easily transfer information from your student Adelphi Google Account to your personal Google Account.

Google Workspace

Adelphi University has a partnership with Google for Education which offers our students, faculty and staff free productivity tools with Google Workspace.

Guide to Remote Learning

Adelphi University offers a variety of online support and resources designed for students engaging in remote learning.

Guide to Working Remotely

Technology has made it easier than ever to work remotely, using almost any device. We provide a variety of services to connect you with colleagues and students in the event that you are working from an alternative location.


How to Find Your MAC Address

When registering a device on the Adelphi network you’ll need a MAC Address in order for the device to connect to the network successfully.



SPSS software package with a visual user interface for statistical calculations and predictive analytics. Learn how to renew your laptop license key.


Kajeet SmartSpot Devices

Provides students free WiFi at home. Students who need additional wireless access can rent a Kajeet SmartSpot Device (hotspot).


Linkedin Learning

Adelphi offers Linkedin Learning to help fuel your lifetime of learning and professional development.

Login - Usernames and Passwords

How do I log in to eCampus? Username Lookup and Password Management

Long Distance Access Codes

Calls outside of the NY metro area requires a PIN number.

Look Up Your Adelphi ID

Take the following steps if you ever need to recover your Adelphi ID.


Maintenance Repair Requests

Submit a maintenance repair request on campus using AU2GO.

Manuals, Guides and Resources

Adelphi-specific technology guides as well as links to help you use other software.

Mass Email

All requests for the University-wide distribution must be forwarded to, and approved by, a University Vice President or a Dean.

Microsoft Office Download

Students, faculty and staff have access to a Microsoft Office download for free for personal use on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Mobile App for Students

The Adelphi App focuses on the resources that students use most and features a clean and easy-to-navigate design.

Mobile Device Adelphi Gmail Configuration

Instructions for accessing Adelphi Gmail on your smartphone or tablet vary by your phone's operating system.

Mobile Laptop Cart

High-performance laptops and chargers available to professors for use only within the Science Building of the Garden City campus.

Mobile Printing

Submit print jobs using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to various printers around campus.


Moodle is an online Course Management System that allows students and professors to access course content anywhere and anytime.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and Duo

The use of MFA helps to protect the university from potential hackers, reduces the impact of accounts being compromised by more than 50 percent, secures faculty research and can potentially reduce the need for password updates.

My Profile: Paid Time Off (PTO)

How to request time off, view and manage your PTO balance. Managers are able to track and approve their team’s time off.

My Profile: Self-Editable Tool

Ensure your personal and professional information is correct and up-to-date using the self-editable profile tool in eCampus. 


Name Change Request

How to change your name in your email address and update your name, legal name and pronouns.


Offboarding Checklist For Resigning or Retiring Employees

Access to University Systems is terminated at the end of the business day on the last day of employment unless paperwork is submitted to initiate a subsequent active appointment.

One-Time Payment Tool

Simplify the process for requesting one-time payments for students, staff and faculty.


Microsoft OneDrive is a web-based cloud storage platform that lets you store, share, and sync your files between all of your devices.



Panopto is video platform for recording lectures, tutorials and course assignments.

Password Best Practices

Your online safety is important, and your password is one of the most important ways to keep yourself safe. Here’s our guide to creating a password to help you keep your information secure.

Password Management Tool

The Adelphi Password Management Tool (PMT) is used to change or reset your password.

Patches and Updates

Installing patches and updates will help you to be better defend against cyber threats.


Avoid becoming a phishing victim by staying informed and following the tips provided to you by Adelphi University's Office of Information Technology.

Prepare for Time Away

If you are going to be away from the University for any length of time where you will not be checking your voicemail and email regularly, please make sure to take the proper steps to prepare.

Printing for Faculty and Staff

Information about printer use on campus for faculty and staff.

Printing for Students

In an effort to reduce paper use, the University established a print management program for students printing in campus labs and lounges.


The Office of Information Technology uses the procurement procedure to review and approve department technology purchases on-campus.

Project Management

We focus on prioritizing projects to utilize institutional resources effectively. Learn the benefits of beginning your project with Information Technology.



Stay informed so you can avoid becoming a victim of Ransomware.

Recycling Your Technology

eCycling is an important step in our sustainability efforts, and our commitment to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Report Phishing

Avoid becoming a phishing victim by staying informed and following the tips provided and knowing what to look for.

Research Computing

Assistance with grant proposals, data encryption, specialized networking needs, and specialized software needs.

Residence Hall Computer Connections

Register your computer and connected devices to use the wired network in the residence halls.


Saving Your Work

You should save all of your files to either Google Drive, or your Network drives. These files are saved securely and automatically backed up.


Complete your scantron cover sheet form before dropping off your scantrons at the Help Desk.

Scantrons: Phoenix Bubble Grader

Bubble Grader allows faculty to create printable bubble sheets and automatically grade exams using departmental Konica Minolta printers.

Screensaver Locks

To increase security we deploy screensaver locks on campus administrative computers.

Secure Communication

Adelphi's Information Technology's tips for keep your identity safe online. Online shopping, email security, browser settings, windows updates and wireless connections all covered.

SMART Boards

Display video and presentations on a large screen with interactive capabilities.

Social Media Safety

Don’t expose your activities and personal info on social networking sites.

Software and Upgrades

Several free software applications, including university-wide upgrades to the Windows 11 operating system, can help you in your work or studies at Adelphi University.


Spearphishing is a highly targeted form of phishing, which is an email that is made to appear to come from a friend, colleague or business you are familiar with.


Spyware is software that collects your personal information. Learn best practices to prevent threats.

Standard Software

View the list of standard software on each Adelphi University-owned computer.

Student Technology Competency Certificate Program

The Technology Competency Certificate Program helps students to learn and better understand the basics of technology. These basic technology skills will provide a strong foundation for learning and working.


Telephone Services

Learn about on-campus telephone services and voicemail and Google Voice.

Television and Streaming

In campus spaces, Adelphi University offers access to a variety of TV options, including recommended streaming platforms, while also providing cable TV in residential hall lounges.

Theft and Loss

Don’t leave your belongings unattended. Phones, tablets, and laptops are easy targets of thieves and can also be accidentally lost in public spaces.

Third Party Review

The Third Party Review, also known as the Vendor Risk Assessment, is the process of assessing the risk associated with Third Party (vendor managed) services that store or process university information.

Toner Cartridge Recycle Program

Reduce waste and contribute to sustainability by participating in our Toner Cartridge Recycle Program.


Turnitin is a text-matching tool used to help detect plagiarism and serve as an academic tool to improve writing skills.


User Account Request

Network/email account requests for employees, graduate assistants, student workers, and others must be made using this form


Video Conferencing

We can help you determine the best option for your specific videoconferencing needs.


Viruses, worms, and trojans—know what to look for and how to prevent infection.


Get instructions on how to set up and access your campus voicemail.


VoiceThread can be used to facilitate dynamic discussions by incorporating video, audio, text and document sharing into one cohesive conversation.


Web Hosting (Panther System)

Adelphi’s Unix-based system for electronic file storage and for creating personal web pages.

Website, Events and Digital Updates

Adelphi departments are asked to use this form to submit requests for digital updates including eCampus banners and event listings, content changes to the website, digital signs across campus, and more.

Webstorage via eCampus

Faculty and staff can use the Webstorage feature in eCampus Services for remote access to download and upload files on your authorized Adelphi network drives.

Wireless (WiFi) Access for Guests

Accounts and wireless access information for visitors of Adelphi University's campus and centers.

Wireless Networks (WiFi)

Use the eduroam network while at Adelphi locations and at hundreds of member institutions.

Work Order System (Footprints)

Your request is assigned a unique ticket number so that you can check the status.


Xenegrade (Continuing Education Registration)

Adelphi uses Xenegrade for continuing education course registration and online tools.


Zoom Video Conferencing

Zoom is a conferencing software that provides remote access to online meetings, chat and mobile collaboration.

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