Health Insurance is mandatory for all residential and international students.

Adelphi University is pleased to provide a comprehensive student health insurance plan that complies with the federal mandates under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and New York State Mandates. The University requires all international students to be insured by this plan to ensure its students are adequately protected for their time here. The basis of this guideline is due to some plans in the market place that have certain limitations that students may not be aware of, including a lack of consumer protections as well as instances where policies that are deemed short term duration plans often require the policyholder to renew the plan either monthly or quarterly. It has been found in some instances that such policies have lapsed and students have become uninsured with or without the students’ knowledge.

To help reduce these administrative issues and potential access to care issues, the University provides this sponsored student health insurance plan to ensure Residential and International students meet the insurance requirement while also having a plan that is in compliance with all aspects of the Affordable Care Act, including but not limited to Benefits, Customer Protection, underwriting guidelines and State approval by the Division of Insurance for which the policy is filed. These standards are considered as a best practice and held in high regard among peer institutions of higher education.

All matriculated Adelphi International (AUI) students studying at any Adelphi campus or center, with the exclusion of sponsored students, must be on the Adelphi student health insurance plans and waivers will not be granted.

Policy Overview

View a brief overview of our health insurance policy is available.

School Insurance Information

Coverage Period: August 10, 2023 – August 9, 2024

Waiver Deadlines:

  • Fall 2023 the waiver period ends on Oct 1, 2023
  • Spring 2024 the waiver period ends on March 1, 2024

All residential and international students must have insurance. Please see below for full details. Any individual losing their health insurance may qualify to pick up the school insurance if they contact us within 30 days of their insurance loss.

The insurance carrier is United Healthcare  and the plan is administered by Gallagher Student  Health & Special Risk. To view the plan please visit You can navigate through this site for all information or contact the company’s customer service department directly for further details at 833.821.2337.

Please be aware that for an additional fee the plan also includes discounts on vision and dental insurance for Add-On Coverage options please go to

Insurance Fees

Fees for the 2023-2024 academic year school insurance are $3,995 (You will be billed in the Fall semester $1,572.00 and the remaining amount in the Spring semester $ 2,423.00), which provides coverage from August 10, 2023–August 9, 2024. Once enrolled in the fall, Resident and International students are automatically enrolled into the spring semester and billed for the remaining fee unless they withdraw or graduate from the University.

Fees for students entering Adelphi University for the FIRST TIME in the spring semester are $ 2,423.00 and provides coverage from January 1, 2024–August 9, 2024.

Billing: Insurance fees are billed directly to the student’s tuition statement and is listed as “Health Insurance Plan.” If you have comparable insurance and want to waive the school plan you MUST do so by the above-indicated deadlines. There are NO exceptions.

Waiver Instructions and Requirements

The waiver period for the Fall 2023 semester closes on October 1, 2023.

You may elect to waive the school insurance if you have comparable coverage that is active. All students must provide proof of their coverage when requesting a waiver. This policy must meet the following requirements (this applies to all residential and international students attempting to waive the school insurance.)

Residential domestic and international students must meet all ACA guidelines, including but not limited to:

  • Unlimited plan maximum
  • Medical Evacuation: $50,000 maximum per Covered Person (International Students only)
  • Repatriation of Remains: $25,000 maximum per Covered Person (International Students only)
  • Active insurance that provides coverage for entire term (International Students only; Spring Jan 1st -August 9th Fall August 10th -December 31st)
  • Co-insurance: no lower than 80% In-Network / 60% Out-of-Network
  • If your policy does not meet these requirements, your waiver will be denied.

If you have an approved waiver for Fall 2023 term you do not need to complete a waiver for the Spring 2024 term.

Waiver Deadlines for Upcoming Academic Year 2024

The insurance waiver deadline for Spring 2024 enrollees closes on March 1, 2024.

If the student continues in the fall as resident or international they must repeat the waiver process annually.

Anyone applying for a waiver must keep a printed copy of their waiver application submission confirmation. It is the student’s responsibility to provide this confirmation in the event there is an issue with the waiver. Once you have received notification that your waiver/application has been approved (please also print and keep this communication for your records), the insurance fee billed to you will be removed from your account within one to two weeks. Students must also monitor the email address used to process the waiver for communications from the insurance company. If a waiver is denied the insurance company will communicate directly with the student via the email address used at the time of the waiver application.

Please note: You will need your Adelphi student username and password to access the waiver form.

Before attempting the waiver process, you will need the following information:

  1. Your current insurance card (front and back).
  2. The card must have the insurance ID number on it.
  3. Your school ID number.
  4. An email address that you will monitor for correspondence from the insurance company regarding the status of your waiver.
  5. International students will be asked to upload a copy of their actual policy documents to the waiver site.

When completing the application please be extremely careful when entering your policy number and phone number and double-check this information before submitting. Accurate information is essential to the waiver being granted.

Open Enrollment Deadlines

Commuter students may voluntarily elect to enroll in school insurance but are not required to do so. Students may only enroll during the open enrollment period in the Fall and Spring unless there is a qualifying event.  Commuter students who enrolled for Fall would need to enroll again for Spring should they wish to have continuous coverage.

  • Fall semester enrollment begins prior to August 10, 2023 and ends on October 1, 2023.
  • Spring semester enrollment begins January 1, 2024 and ends on March 1, 2024.

Anyone mandated to have the school insurance for fall 2023 must waive prior to October 1, 2023. New residents and international students mandated for spring 2024, must waive by March 1, 2024.

Enroll or Waive Your Health Insurance

Please note: You will need your Adelphi student username and password to access the waiver or enrollment forms.

Please review the plan so you understand your full benefits.

Voluntary Insurance Enrollment

If you are a commuter student who wishes to enroll in the school insurance, you must be a registered student with a minimum of one credit or a doctoral student registered for dissertation guidance. Any student can enroll during open enrollment periods. The insurance is also open at any time to a student who has a qualifying event and must enroll within 30 days of such event. Please note that continuing education courses do not qualify as a registration to be on the school health plan.

Payment for Voluntary Enrollment

When you process the enrollment form, your student account will be charged for the cost of the insurance within one to two weeks. For payment options please visit here. Payment cannot be accepted at the Health Services office in Garden City. If you wish proof of insurance immediately after enrolling, you may print an ID card online.

Failure to pay the fee does not relieve you of this responsibility. If you do not pay your bill in a timely fashion (within 30 days) you may be assessed late fees by the University and a financial hold will be placed on your account preventing you from registering for future classes, graduation or receiving official transcripts.

All questions regarding the student health insurance should be directed to Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk at 833.821.2337 or visit their website at

Please see FAQ for further instructions or questions


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Student Insurance
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