The Center for Recreation and Sports offers membership programs for alumni, families and community residents.

Alumni, family members of current faculty, staff and students as well as affiliates and local residents can “have fun and be active” by joining one of the Center for Recreation and Sports (CRS) membership programs. Membership allows the participant to work out or play in our new, state-of-the-art recreational facilities during regularly scheduled hours. University facilities open to CRS members include:

  • State-of-the-art, 5,000 sq.ft. Recreational Fitness Center including 28 cardio machines, Cybex selectorized weight circuit and 14 free weight stations, cable machines and a stretching area
  • Four-lane, 25-yard swimming pool
  • Indoor track (1/10 mile) with scenic views to the outdoors
  • Three court gymnasium for basketball, volleyball and badminton
  • Indoor racket courts (1 conversion racquetball court and 1 dedicated squash court)
  • Four outdoor tennis courts
  • Locker rooms with grooming stations and shower rooms

Registration and General Info

  • All campus recreation memberships expire 1 year from the date of joining.
  • To register for Adelphi’s university campus recreation programs, all members must complete a CRS registration/ waiver form, a Pre-Participation Health Screening, and signed physician clearance form and submit with payment.
  • Cash and checks are accepted forms of payment.
  • Once the required forms are complete and have been reviewed, Healthy Steps guidelines and parking forms will be mailed to the member’s home.
  • New members must schedule a fitness orientation prior to participating. At that time, their membership card will be issued.
  • CRS memberships are not transferable, and CRS members are not allowed to bring guests.
    Memberships may be revoked from members who show disregard for policies and procedures.

Membership Types

Alumni of Adelphi can stay fit and be active by joining a membership to use the recreation facilities. Proof of alumni status, (an alumni ID card) is required to join. Contact the Office of Alumni Relations, 516.877.3470, for further information on obtaining an alumni ID card.

  1. “New” Alum – If you graduated within the past year, you are eligible for the New Alumni CRS membership program (Class of 2024)
  2. “Young” Alum – If you graduated within the past 1-3 years, you are eligible for the Young alumni CRS membership program (Class of 2020-2023)
  3. Alumni – 4 years and longer, you are eligible to join the Alumni CRS membership program (2019 and earlier)

All alumni may join with a spouse and/or dependent children (17-25 years old) for additional reduced rates. The alumni must become a member in order for their family to join.

Options New Alumni Fee Young Alumni Fee Alumni Fee
Alumni Member Free $175/yr $325/yr
Add Spouse $100/yr $125/yr $225/yr
Add Dependent
(17-25 yrs)
$75/yr $100/yr $175/yr

Note: Alumni must join a membership in order for a spouse and/or dependent to join.

Local residents may take part in our on-campus community in using the recreation facilities by joining a Community CRS membership. Community members can add spouses and dependents (17-25yrs) for reduced fees. Senior citizens (60+) discounts are available in this membership program.

Options Fees
Community Member $575/yr
Add Spouse $400/yr
Add Dependent
(17-25 yrs)*
Senior Citizens (60+) receive a 10% discount off their own membership rate.

Note: A parent community member must join in order for a dependent (17-25 yr old) to join at a reduced rate.

Community members (Ages 17 and older) who wish to only use the pool have two options:

Membership Options Fees
School year (9 months from September – May) $250
Full-year (12 months) $300
  • Adelphi Faculty* and Staff* who want to have their spouse and/or dependent children (17-25 yrs) come and use the facilities with them can sign them up for a Fun with Family CRS membership.
  • Current students who would like to have a parent or sibling (17-25yrs) join with them are also eligible for the Fun with Family CRS membership.
Options Faculty/Staff Fee Student Fee
Member Free w/AU ID Free w/AU ID
Add Spouse $300/yr $300/yr
Add Dependent
(17-25 yrs)
$150/yr $150/yr
Add Parent  – $225/yr
Add Sibling
(17-25 yrs)
 – $175/yr

Note: Faculty/Staff/Student members must be present with ID for your family member(s) to join.

Affiliate members such as Adelphi Dining Service employees and Adelphi Gold members may join at a discounted rate.

Adelphi Gold members are former Adelphi employees who qualify and join that program through Human Resources. An ID is required at the time of registration to get the discounted membership rates.

Options Affiliate Fee
Member $225/yr
Add Spouse $200/yr
Add Dependent
(17-25 yrs)
Add Parent  –
Add Sibling
(17-25 yrs)

Membership is $100/yr.

Options Fee
Community Member $150
Alumni/Faculty dependent $150

Proof in form of a college ID is required.

Healthy Steps Intake Initiative

The Healthy Intake Initiative is a cooperative effort between Campus Recreation and the Institute of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness utilizing programming experience, academic expertise and resources available on campus. Our mission is to guide you toward a healthier lifestyle and help you to participate in a safe, highly effective and enjoyable exercise experience.

We take the following steps in review of your health/fitness screening and conduct an intake process so we can best assist in guiding you towards the most appropriate exercise opportunities at Adelphi for you!

  • We review your registration application, pre-participation screening form and your physician’s clearance form.
  • Based on the information you provided on the forms, we may make the determination that you should be directed to consult with the Director of the Adult Fitness Program at Adelphi to learn about that program prior to making a commitment to the CRS membership program.  You may be encouraged to join the Adult Fitness Program and/or have some form of periodic exercise monitoring prior to engaging in a less supervised activity in our open membership program.  Consideration is given to age, health status & previous exercise experience in making the determination to refer members to AFP (the Adelphi Adult Fitness Program).

AFP information:   In this program, you have the opportunity to participate in a fitness assessment to determine your level of health-related fitness and baseline for your exercise program with the Institute of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness Program. This assessment includes a sub-maximal exercise test on a bike or treadmill, body composition analysis and test for muscular fitness and flexibility. From this information, you will receive a Personal Exercise Prescription based on your assessment, designed to help you meet your goals. The Fitness Assessment also includes periodic follow-up and reassessment for up to 1 year.  If you have any questions about the Adelphi AFP (Adult Fitness Program), please contact John Wygand, at or 877-4275.

We hope you take advantage of all that Adelphi has to offer in order to reach your fitness goals!

Phone Number
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Woodruff Hall, 240
  • Office Hours Mon-Fri: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
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