Most students at the College of Professional and Continuing Studies are able to reduce the cost and time of completing a degree by taking advantage of Credits for Prior Learning (CPL).

CPL is a nationally-established, rigorous academic process that awards college credit for knowledge and skills gained outside of traditional college classrooms. The College of Professional and Continuing Studies awards CPL through the following, widely-recognized means:

  • Credit by Examination
    • CLEP, DSST, Defense Language Proficiency Tests
  • Credit for military training (Joint Services Transcript)
  • Credit for Non-Collegiate Courses: Professional training courses approved by the American Council on Education (ACE), the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCS), or the New York State Department of Education.
  • Credit by Portfolio Assessment or Other Individualized Assessment (students work under the direction of a faculty member to demonstrate prior learning).

How Does it Work?

A prospective student should schedule an appointment with a CPL Specialist as soon as possible prior to admission.  The CPL Specialist will review the student’s background and devise a plan to award the maximum possible CPL (up to 60 credits), which will depend on the student’s major.  Once the plan is approved, the student has one year to complete any remaining CPL requirements (e.g., passing a CLEP exam or submitting a portfolio).

How much time and money will I save?

An accurate estimate will be made by the CPL Specialist, but a rough estimate can be provided by the Credit Predictor tool.

What are the Fees for CPL?

There is no fee for credits awarded by Adelphi for Credit for Prior Learning.  However, there may be associated fees charged by other entities, e.g., registration fees charged by the College Board for CLEP examinations.

Credit Predictor

Get familiar with the concept of prior learning credit. Learn about potential time and money savings we offer through prior learning credits. See if expertise gained outside the classroom could be worth college credit.

The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) is a national nonprofit working to improve education-to-career pathways for adult learners.

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