Scholarship and Creative Works Conference

Scholarship and Creative Works Conference

Where intellectual curiosity comes to life through hundreds of undergraduate and graduate student presentations spanning disciplines from arts and humanities to natural and social sciences.

21st Adelphi University Scholarship and Creative Works Conference

This year’s conference took place on April 16, 2024.

An annual sign of spring, the Scholarship and Creative Works Conference, offers the unique opportunity for hundreds of Adelphi University students to showcase their work as they present their research to fellow students, faculty, family members, alumni and visitors.

This annual celebration is a testament to the thriving academic environment and vibrant creative community experienced by students at Adelphi. We encourage all in our community to attend and explore the exceptional work being done by our students.


Student Research + Faculty Mentorship = Beautiful Results

The fact that Adelphi provides a space for—and supports—undergraduate research is a strength of this institution,” says Jonna Coombs, PhD, associate professor of biology.

Jonna Coombs, PhD associate professor of biology

Dr. Coombs served as faculty adviser to senior Nina Tchavtchanidze, who considers herself a biologist and an artist who wanted to experiment with pigmented bacteria to create beautiful living bacteria art masterpieces. The results illustrate, quite literally, how extraordinary academic and creative opportunities are fostered at Adelphi.

2024 Keynote Speaker

Facts vs. News: Navigating Truth in Today’s Media: A Conversation with Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist Nicholas Kristof

The keynote speaker for the 21st Adelphi Conference for Scholarship and Creative Works is American journalist and winner of two Pulitzer Prizes, Nicholas Kristof. Mr. Kristof is also a political commentator, a regular CNN contributor, and an op-ed columnist for The New York Times. According to The Washington Post, Mr. Kristof “rewrote opinion journalism” with his emphasis on human rights abuses and social injustices, such as human trafficking and the Darfur conflict. Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa described Mr. Kristof as an “honorary African” for shining a spotlight on neglected conflicts in the continent.

This conversation is sponsored by the Bhisé Global Understanding Project.

What is New in 2024?

  1. The Research and Creative Works on Colonialism in South Asia faculty panel discussion will begin the Scholarship and Creative Works Conference and include a complimentary breakfast. The panel discussion will be moderated by Assistant Professor David Pierce. The guest speakers are Richard Baker, PhD, Tandra Chakraborty, PhD, and Benjamin Serby, PhD.
  2. We’ve adjusted the flow of this year’s Scholarship and Creative Works Conference schedule in anticipation of strong interest in Nicholas Kristof’s keynote address. Presentations will take place before and after this event, creating a dynamic program throughout the day.

A Celebration of Scholarship and Creativity

One day each spring, we come together as a community to celebrate student scholarship and creativity during the annual Adelphi University Scholarship and Creative Works Conference. Students get to share their hard work with their peers, faculty members and visitors. In the process, they build presentation and communication skills, learn to defend their work and engage with other academics, and, overall, develop an appreciation for scholarship and what it contributes to society. At the end of the day, we join our inspiring keynote speaker’s lecture and celebrate with our entire research community.

The Adelphi Conference for Scholarship and Creative Works is not only a time to share the multifaceted applications of scientific fields, but it is also a time to take in the up-and-coming theories and ideas. During the Adelphi Conference, I often find that questions arise in conversations with researchers in other disciplines that create a potential for scientific advancements.

Kyana Gordon Honors College Student, Adelphi University
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