The University maintains in perpetuity an academic transcript of a student’s attempted coursework.

Reason for Policy

To establish guidelines for academic transcripts, as well as rules governing the issuance of official copies.

Who is Governed by This Policy

Students, Faculty, Staff.


The academic transcript is the permanent record of a student’s academic history at Adelphi. The transcript includes all coursework taken at the University, the grades received, degree(s) conferred, and other information related to the student’s academic record at the University.

A copy of the student’s transcript can be issued in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) and the University’s policy on the Privacy and Release of Student Education Records.

Academic transcripts contain a student’s entire academic record, both undergraduate and graduate, at Adelphi University. A transcript will be issued in its entirety; partial transcripts will not be issued.

The undergraduate portion of a transcript contains the student’s entire undergraduate record, regardless of changes in major or the earning of multiple degrees. The graduate portion of a transcript is separated by degree earned (unless the degrees were sought simultaneously) and by school/college within the University.

Earned grades are permanent and cannot be removed from the transcript or omitted from official copies. Corrections or changes may occur through the University’s Change of Grade procedure as outlined in the University Bulletin.

Transfer credits may be posted to the academic transcript in accordance with the University’s Transfer Credit Policy.

In accordance with New York State Education Law, Article 129-B, a notation will be made on the transcript of a student who is suspended or expelled after a finding of responsibility for a code of conduct violation, or who withdraws with conduct charges pending.

Outstanding monetary obligations to the University do not prevent the issuing of a copy of a student’s transcript.

A fee for the issuance of a transcript is charged by the University as established by the Board of Trustees and is indicated in the procedure for ordering a copy of a transcript published on the University’s website.

Transcripts received from other institutions become part of the student’s record maintained by Adelphi and are subject to review in accordance with FERPA. Transcripts from other institutions will not be released by Adelphi; students should contact the institution of record to obtain a copy.


  • Official Transcript – A transcript issued by the University on behalf, and usually at the request, of a current or former student. An official transcript bears the school logo (on pre-printed security paper or as an embossed seal) and the signature of the University Registrar. An official transcript can be issued directly to a third party or to a student; if issued directly to the student, it will be marked as such.
  • Unofficial Transcript – An unofficial transcript can be issued for advising purposes internal to the University or to a student for their personal use. A transcript issued to a student will be stamped “Issued to Student.”



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Document History

  • Last Reviewed Date: January 31, 2023
  • Last Revised Date: January 31, 2023
  • Policy Origination Date: January 31, 2023

Who Approved This Policy

Chris Storm, Provost and Executive Vice President, in consultation with Faculty Senate, the One-Stop Student Services Center, and the Office of Academic Services; Executive Leadership Committee

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