Student Access Office

Student Access Office

Through assistance, advocacy and reasonable accommodations, Adelphi provides an accessible and supportive campus environment.


Adelphi University adheres to FERPA, a federal law safeguarding student privacy rights and records confidentiality.

Accessibility Petitions

All completed Petitions are reviewed in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and other federal laws pertaining to disability and higher education.

Petition Forms

What We Do to Provide Support and Equal Access

The Student Access Office achieves our mission by:

  • Providing cost-free assistance and services that are tailored to meet the needs of individuals based on their specific, appropriately documented needs, while preserving Adelphi’s academic integrity and high standards of academic expectations and performance
  • Encouraging independence through the training of students with disabilities to effectively advocate for themselves within the University community
  • Serving as a liaison and resource for the University faculty, staff and administrators to foster a greater awareness and appreciation of issues of concern to people with different needs

You should register with the office upon acceptance to Adelphi. Submit the Petition for Accommodations and the Consent for Release of Information forms, along with the required information as detailed in the Guidelines of Documentation.

The mission of the Student Access Office (SAO) is to ensure equal access to all of the University’s programs, services and facilities for students with documented disabilities. Through leadership and guidance to the campus community, and assistance, advocacy and reasonable accommodations for students, SAO fosters an accessible campus environment. SAO is dedicated to student learning and development through the utilization of individualized accommodations and purposeful interactions.

New Students: Making the Transition from High School to College

Learn the important changes in accommodation procedures students should be prepared for when transitioning from high school to college

Petitions for Reasonable Accommodations

If students are experiencing a barrier in their course and want to discuss additional accommodations, please follow the Student Access Office petition process, by submitting a new petition for reasonable accommodations through our website’s petitions:

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