The Adelphi PATH Curriculum

The Adelphi PATH Curriculum

PATH is our unique approach to general education. Begin your journey. Find your future.

Preparation. Awareness. Transformation. Hands-on Learning.

Every step you take on the PATH is designed to help you succeed in your studies, find your own strengths and enable you to thrive. You’ll learn the basic knowledge—and essential skills—you need in life: problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and the use of technology.

What does PATH stand for?


Preparation for lifelong learning and a meaningful career, empowering you with skills for a new world: oral and written communication, problem-solving, professional readiness, collaborative thinking, applied technology and the ability to adapt to change Learn about Courses and Goals


Awareness of self in the world, fostering openness to new ideas: embracing diversity and global thinking, overcoming bias, learning self-discovery, becoming intellectually aware, questioning your own assumptions Learn about Courses and Goals


Transformative experiences and learning beyond the classroom: engaging in communities beyond campus and experiences to help you rethink and reimagine what is possible for you Learn about Courses and Goals

Hands-on Learning

Hands-on learning and active participation and collaboration in small classrooms: shared intellectual experiences, applying knowledge and participating in research, labs, internships or fieldwork Learn about Courses and Goals

Be inspired.

Challenge yourself. Widen your horizons. Find your place in the world. It starts here, with your course work on the Adelphi’s PATH curriculum.

Study abroad at an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya.

PATH leads you on a journey of self-discovery.

Adelphi faculty invite you to experience PATH courses from across many disciplines, empowering you to:

  • Understand yourself.
  • Discover your individual strengths.
  • Explore our shared world.
  • Find success in your college career.
  • Build diverse and inclusive intellectually and socially engaged communities.

True to the spirit of PATH, you can take these general education courses at any time during your college journey. You need to fulfill your PATH requirements to graduate.

Inside an honors classroom lecture. Small classes with table discussion

Critical learning begins from your very first steps on the PATH.

As a first-year student, you will study critical topics of the day in any of our seminar-style courses. You’ll choose courses that spark your interest—and develop important writing and communication skills.

As you go through your college journey at Adelphi, you will be completing your other PATH coursework and achieving PATH learning goals. All are designed to help you develop tools for success in your career and your life.

Inside an art studio class with professor-led instruction

Your capstone project: the final step on your PATH journey

Your capstone project gives you the opportunity to bring together everything you have learned in your PATH curriculum into a significant piece of intellectual work. It might be a research project, a policy paper, a piece of art, a business you invent, an app you develop or anything at all that demonstrates your learning. You will need to complete a capstone project, individually or as a team, and share it with your class as a requirement for graduation.

We want our students to reimagine their place within the community. What is possible for you? What is out there for you? We want you to discover new ways of thinking about yourself in the world.

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