Nontraditional Student Admissions

Nontraditional Student Admissions

We’re a perfect fit for anyone who likes to consider new directions—and who’s not afraid to experiment while learning.


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While there’s no one type of student, there are a few general characteristics that seem to resonate here at the College of Professional and Continuing Studies. Our nontraditional students in college are highly motivated and like a clear plan with a strong support system. They’re good with feedback and want to grow, both personally and professionally. Finally, they’re smart, and by that we mean savvy. They know quality when they see it, and they want the most out of every investment. That’s why they’re here.

Expect Extraordinary—at Any Age

Nilda Barrionuevo ’22 worked full time and was a mother of three—who became a mother of four during her graduate degree studies. Read how flexible schedules and exceptional support helped her make it to graduation day.

A Personal Approach to Admissions

Your academic advisor will guide you through the financial aid application process and assist you in identifying scholarships, grants, and loans. We’re here to provide ongoing advice and support. Find out more about all of the grants and scholarships available to College of Professional and Continuing Studies students at 516.877.3412 or

Admission FAQs

We’re sure you have plenty of questions about applying to Adelphi’s College of Professional and Continuing Studies. We’ve prepared answers to some of the most common questions.

An SAT score is not required for applicants of the College of Professional and Continuing Studies.

Admission to the College of Professional and Continuing Studies is based upon the ability to complete college- or graduate-level work. Although past academic records are required and reviewed, we are more concerned with a potential student’s present motivation to earn a degree than with previous academic performance.

No, you must complete all the necessary paperwork and be officially accepted into the College of Professional and Continuing Studies before you can register for another semester. Find all details on completing your application process, access admissions info for undergraduate, graduate, and military.

No, but it is mandatory that you complete the immunization form. Students can choose not to be immunized but must sign the form stating that they choose not to be immunized. This form accompanies the application packet. If the form is not completed, it will place a block on your registration. For more information on immunization forms, please contact the Health Services Center.

No, students are not eligible for financial aid until they are officially accepted into the College of Professional and Continuing Studies. Once accepted, College of Professional and Continuing Studies students are eligible for a wide variety of student financial aid and loan programs. For more information, please visit Student Financial Services or contact a College of Professional and Continuing Studies advisor at 516.877.3412 or

No, we can reactivate your application once you have decided you are ready to enroll—up to a year from the initial application date.

Yes. the College of Professional and Continuing Studies welcomes returning students. We simply require a readmit form be completed and handed into Academic Services.

An Independent Study is used when a student only needs one or two more credits to graduate. The paper is completed in conjunction with one professor on a topic to be decided by the student. A contract must be signed by the student, the instructor, the academic advisor, and the dean. Students can register by calling their academic adviser at 516.877.3400 or

If you prefer a paper application, call 516.877.3412 or email to request one be mailed or faxed to you.

Awards & Recognition

Turn Experience Into Credits‎

Whether you already have credits from another college or have specialized skills from other life experiences, our advisors will evaluate your ability to demonstrate your college-level knowledge to help you complete your degree faster and at less expense.

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