Adelphi's Strategic Plan: Momentum Becomes M2

Adelphi's Strategic Plan: Momentum Becomes M2

The six key goals of Momentum: 2015-2021 guided our steps as we fulfilled our central mission: to transform the lives of our students. We continue our work with M2: 2022-2027.


President Christine M. Riordan shares Adelphi’s vision for student success.

Meeting Goals. Transforming Lives.

Our mission, vision and approach to higher education—detailed in our strategic plan Momentum—is transforming our students’ lives, and Adelphi University itself.

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As a community, we designed this strategy to ask more of ourselves and set targets; to take what’s exceptional about Adelphi and make it truly extraordinary. In November, 2021, we collected and documented final results of this plan in a comprehensive document. Top-line results are listed for each goal below.

Update on Momentum 2, our Strategic Plan for 2022-2027

With the conclusion of our strategic plan Momentum in 2021, Adelphi began developing a new five-year plan. A transformative Momentum 2: 2022-2027 is the next critical next step for our university. Throughout 2021, small group gatherings and strategic university-wide forums are taking place across the University as we listen, learn and share perspectives about Adelphi's next strategic plan. We look forward to sharing more as Momentum 2 takes shape.

Six Momentous Goals

Goal 1: An emphasis on world-class academics

Adelphi already offers the intellectual rigor and talented faculty that create a unique educational experience. We will enhance the value of an Adelphi degree by deepening the caliber of the teaching, the programs, and the research and creative work in order to increase the impact of every student’s (and professor’s) years with us.

Goal 2: A relentless focus on student success

As we grow, Adelphi will continue to set the standard for committing to the individual student—and growing their intellectual curiosity, ability and potential—in order to produce generations of curious, compassionate, successful people.

Goal 3: A model of diversity and inclusion

Adelphi’s reputation as a community that values, welcomes and inspires every individual—among our students, faculty and staff—will grow on a national level.

Goal 4: A powerfully connected university

We will extend the reach and resources of our community through a potent network of relationships. We’ll bring together faculty, staff, families, alumni and business and industry partners, maximizing our traditional associations here on Long Island as well as in the great city that is our neighbor.

Goal 5: Financial and operational strength

Growing stronger means growing smart by incrementally improving existing resources and operations, while integrating new and complementary ones, to form a seamlessly high-functioning, highly regarded enterprise.

Goal 6: Global recognition and renown

We will become an outstanding private university, known everywhere for our academics, our three exciting New York locations and our experiential learning. Rankings, awards and media coverage will advance both our brand and the Adelphi Advantage, all around the world.

Our Mission: To Transform Lives

Our University transforms the lives of all students by creating a distinctive environment of intellectual rigor, research, creativity and deep community engagement across our Core Four areas of focus: Arts and Humanities, STEM and Social Sciences, the Business and Education Professions, and Health and Wellness.

Our Vision: To Personalize Education

We will become a nationally respected leader—a standard bearer—for redefining the practical and personal value of education for students, helping them define their success in the classroom, on campus, in careers and communities, and beyond.

Our Approach: Small Classes, Big Thinking

An average 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio, with exceptionally high academic quality, gives every student hands-on learning and close interaction with excellent faculty. Our belief in one-to-one learning is revolutionizing the university experience for thousands of students.

Adelphi has a special way of helping each individual find their success.

Juan Carlos Pérez ’07, MA ’08, was 11 when he came here from Mexico. After earning a scholarship to Adelphi’s Honors College, a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in education, today he teaches newly immigrated students in a New York City public high school.
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