Students must be officially registered at the University to be permitted to attend classes and utilize University resources.

Reason for Policy

To establish the framework for how the University conducts course registration and how students register for courses.

Who Is Governed by this Policy

Students, faculty and staff


Each semester, the University Registrar will conduct registration for the next semester’s classes according to established procedures and dates.

To be eligible for registration, the University requires that all students submit proof of compliance with New York State immunization requirements.

Undergraduate students are required to obtain the approval of their advisor before being permitted to register for courses.

During the fall and spring semesters, advisor approval is required if a student wishes to register for more than 18 credits, up to a maximum of 21. Advisor approval is required if a student wishes to enroll for more than 12 credits during a summer term (or more than 6 credits during a partial summer term).

A hold on a student’s record that restricts registration must be cleared before the student will be permitted to register or add classes.

Registration is not permitted for two classes whose meeting time overlap.

Registration is not permitted into a class that has reached its maximum capacity.

Registration is not permitted into a class for which the student has not met the published prerequisites, requirements, or restrictions.

An undergraduate student will be considered to have a full-time enrollment status if enrolled in at least twelve credits. For a graduate student, full-time enrollment status is met if enrolled in at least nine credits.

For academic exploration and self-enrichment, students are permitted to register for a class with the grading option of “audit.” An auditor will attend the course regularly and the instructor will stipulate the auditor’s responsibilities in the course. The course will not count toward the student’s enrollment status. The student will receive a grade of AU, but will not receive credit and the course cannot be used to satisfy graduation requirements.

For the full fifteen-week semester, students may add courses, drop courses, or change a course’s grading option or course level through the end of the second week, and withdraw from courses through the end of the twelfth week. For courses running less than the full fifteen-week semester, the University Registrar will calculate the appropriate deadlines on the same basis.

In accordance with New York State law, the NY Patriot Plan, students who are unable to complete a semester because they are called to active United States military duty will receive non-punitive withdrawal grades in all courses from which they are required to withdraw, after providing the University Registrar with a copy of the Order to Active Duty within one week of receipt of the Order.

The University reserves the right to administratively drop or withdraw from any or all courses students who fail to abide by University policies, procedures, or practices.

Students are responsible for knowing and understanding how registration (including adds, drops, withdrawals, and changes to grading option or course level) will affect other University processes in relation to their record, such as billing, financial aid, visa status, athletic eligibility, and progress toward graduation; students should consult with their advisor and applicable policies and/or offices before taking registration actions.


  • Audit – To register for a course without receiving credit or a grade.
  • Course Level – The distinction of whether a course is at the undergraduate or graduate level.
  • Drop – A change to a student’s schedule that removes registration for a course and results in no record of the course on the student’s academic transcript.
  • Eligible Continuing Student – A student who meets the criteria established by University policies and procedures to be eligible to enroll in the following semester.
  • Enrollment Status – A student’s status as full-time, three-quarter-time, half-time, or less-than-half-time.
  • First-Year Student Registration – The process by which new first-year students register for courses.
  • Grading Option – The type of registration which dictates how a student will be graded. The three grading options are Regular, Pass/Fail, and Audit.
  • Hold – A restriction placed by an office within the University on a student’s account, which may result in the prevention of registration.
  • Late Registration – The period of registration that occurs between the first day of the term and the last day of registration.
  • Open Planning – The time period when students meet with their advisor to develop their schedule for the coming semester.
  • Open Registration – The registration period that is open to all eligible enrollees.
  • Priority Registration – The period when eligible continuing students may register for courses prior to new or returning students.
  • Registration – The process by which students enroll in courses of study and gain the right to attend classes and use the services available at the University.
  • Student – An individual who has applied to the University for acceptance to a particular program or school and has been granted admission, in writing, in accordance with the University policies that govern such decisions.
  • Withdrawal – A change to a student’s schedule that removes registration for a course and results in a withdrawal grade appearing on the student’s transcript.


Students begin the registration process prior to the registration period when they meet with their academic advisor during Open Planning. The advisor must approve initial registration before a student is able to submit the schedule during the registration period.

Registration (including adds, drops, withdrawals, and changes to grading option or course level) is conducted according to procedures published on the University’s website during the dates established in the University’s Academic Calendar.

The University Registrar establishes the dates and time periods for Priority Registration.

Certain programs may coordinate with the Registrar when alternative registration periods or methods are needed.

The Office of Academic Services and Retention coordinates the First-Year Student Registration process.

Exceptions to registration policy and procedures are coordinated through the Office of Academic Services and Retention and the University Registrar.


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Document History

  • Last Reviewed Date: August 31, 2023
  • Last Revised Date: August 31, 2023
  • Policy Origination Date: August 31, 2023

Who Approved This Policy

Chris Storm, Provost and Executive Vice President, in consultation with Student Financial Services

Policy Owner

Linda Jean-Louis (She/Her)
Phone Number
Levermore Hall 005A

Secondary Contact

Catherine Graham
Assistant Vice President of the Student Services Center
Phone Number
Levermore Hall 014C
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