Student Conduct and Community Standards

Student Conduct and Community Standards

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards responds to official reports of possible deviation from the Code of Conduct and other applicable university policies and standards.

It is our mission to contribute to the educational mission of the University by providing quality education and professional preparation of the first rank through intervention, education, and reflection.

Our student interactions are designed to support an environment conducive to higher education to complement and enhance the academic experience, to protect the rights of all parties including the community, and to promote student growth and development through personalized responses to behavior that holds students accountable for their actions.

What We Do

Through an educationally-based and restorative approach, the student conduct process protects the rights of the participants and helps to protect the Adelphi University community.

Our staff collaborates with partners and offices across the university including:

  • The Office of Residential Life and Housing;
  • The Department of Public Safety and Transportation;
  • The Student Counseling Center;
  • Title IX and Sexual Respect;
  • The Student Access Office;
  • International Student Services;
  • And many more departments

The Student Conduct Process

Learn more about the student conduct process, the outcomes and sanctions imposed, and how the student conduct process is different than the criminal process.

Report an Incident

Share information about academic dishonesty, sexual misconduct, and more using our reporting forms.


Someone who has been found responsible for violating the Code of Conduct may file an appeal online. Please note that an appeal is not available for every respondent found responsible.

Following the Code of Conduct

Students are obligated to uphold the rules and regulations laid out in the code of conduct. Please familiarize yourself with the code of conduct and feel free to request your conduct record at any time.
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