Adelphi’s chatbot — named Adele by the campus community — automatically responds to questions and can pull from an extensive knowledge base.


Adelphi University has partnered with Mainstay to develop and deliver interactive chatbot and SMS (text) services to support all our users.

AI Chatbot

Adelphi’s chatbot is named Adele. Adele allows you to get answers to a range of University questions quickly and easily at any time of day. The chatbot service has an internal knowledge management process tool by which it can learn in addition to ongoing AI learning process.

Human Agents

Any topics that the chatbot can not answer can be escalated for follow-up either to a live chat agent when available or via email. The Mainstay web-based application allows designated agents the ability to take over the chat from the bot to continue in a live chat function.

SMS (text) Chat

Additional licenses are required. Configuring SMS text allows departments to send interactive text campaigns to targeted groups of users. Campaigns typically fall into three categories: introductions, nudges and surveys. Examples of practical campaigns could include; first-year orientation; commencement; finals reminders; event reminders; polls and much more.

Who Can Use Adele?

Anyone using the Adelphi University website can interact and ask Adele a question. You’ll see an “Ask Adele” button on select sites.

Requesting Admin Access

Departments and offices can get chatbot features placed on their website upon request. Department staff will be trained to manage their related knowledge and can filter interactions to only see chats that originate on their website. Each department can customize their scripts to allow for a personalized experience.

If your department is yet to be onboarded with the Mainstay Application, please email the Help Desk at to get started.

If your department is interested in SMS texting campaigns please be aware that there is a cost for additional licensing and time to develop the campaigns.

Departments currently using the Mainstay application must have a delegated internal support point of contact and that user will be able to add and remove agents.

Requests for point of contact support changes within the department must be requested through the HelpDesk at

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