Adelphi University provides Tuition Remission to eligible non union and certain union employees and their families to enhance their occupational proficiencies and provide opportunities for professional development.

Policy Statement

Adelphi University provides Tuition Remission to eligible non union and certain union employees and their families to enhance their occupational proficiencies and provide opportunities for professional development.

Reason for Policy

This policy sets forth the terms and conditions governing the Tuition Remission benefit available to eligible employees of Adelphi University.

Who Is Governed by this Policy

Faculty and Staff


Adelphi University provides educational opportunities for our employees and eligible family members. Tuition remission is the waiver by the University of the payment of tuition to attend regularly scheduled classes. Union employees are covered by their applicable CBA.

Tuition remission for coursework taken by the employee and spouse (for nonunion, and some union employees – see applicable CBA) is available beginning the first complete semester after an employee begins work.

Employees of Adelphi University and their spouses/dependents who are seeking tuition remission for undergraduate coursework are required to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each academic year.

Tuition remission will not be processed until the valid FAFSA has been received and processed by Student Financial Services as well as (i) proof of dependency for students under 24 years of age; (ii) proof of dependency and proof of the same residence as the employee for students over 24 years of age and (iii) proof of marital status for spouses.

Adelphi’s federal school code is 002666.

Tuition Remission will be reduced by the amount of TAP and/or PELL received by the student per University Policy.

Tuition remission for full-time non-union employees is available for:

  • An employee’s dependent children for the semester after one year of employment.
  • Full-time employees are eligible for tuition remission for two undergraduate or two graduate courses each semester for themselves.
  • Spouses of full-time employees are entitled to two undergraduate or three graduate courses per semester.
  • Dependent children of full-time employees are eligible for full undergraduate tuition remission for the completion of their first baccalaureate degree (whether previously conferred from Adelphi or another institution).
  • Part-time employees are eligible for tuition remission for two courses per family per semester: one for the employee; one for the spouse or up to two courses for dependent children if the employee and/or spouse are not enrolled in any course for that semester.
  • Part-time Head Coaches and assistant coaches are eligible for a maximum of four courses per academic year with no more than two courses per semester.
  • Tuition Remission cannot be used for independent study or study abroad except as noted below.

Tuition remission for study abroad covers:

  • Any Adelphi faculty-led study abroad which occurs in Intersession when the student is registered for an Adelphi course;
  • Study Abroad at Exchange Program schools in the fall and spring semesters.

Tuition remission for study abroad does not cover:

  • Study abroad or exchange programs which occur during the summer sessions;
  • Program fees;

Study abroad programs at host institutions during any semester, study abroad during the fall and spring semester with provider institutions (non-exchange programs).

Dependent Children Age 24

Beginning in the fall, semester, in order for an employee’s dependent child who is age 24 or older to prove dependency for tuition remission purposes:

  1. The child must not have a Bachelor’s degree,
  2. The child must reside with one of the parents during all of the semester(s) they receive remission (unless they live on Adelphi’s campus) and
  3. The employee must provide proof that the child is being claimed on one of the parent’s most recently filed tax returns.
  4. Proof of residence and tax dependency must be provided to the Office of Human Resources before the semester in which the child turns 24 and yearly thereafter.

If the child of an employee is age 24 or older and is currently receiving tuition remission but cannot prove dependency and/or residency, the child will not be eligible for remission.

If the child of an employee is age 24 or older, is currently receiving tuition remission and can prove dependency and residency, the employee must provide Human Resources with the written proof prior to the beginning of the semester. Examples of written proof are the dependent’s license with the home address and either parent’s most recent tax return can be (wages and other confidential information can be blacked out).

Note: Doctoral courses are treated as graduate courses.

  • To apply for tuition remission, employees must complete a tuition remission application form online every semester by the deadline date. The deadline to submit the online tuition remission form is always the last day to drop a course for that semester

Visit the website for information and instructions.

Employees are not permitted to take classes during their normal work hours (usually M-F 8:30 am – 5:30 pm) nor change their work schedule to accommodate their class schedule. If there are extenuating circumstances, you may request an exception to this policy by getting approval from your supervisor and then sending an email to detailing the class days and times and the method of making the work hours up and documenting the hours worked.

The written approval of your supervisor and the Office of Human Resources is required to take a class during normal work hours.

Tuition Remission for Intersession Courses

Tuition remission will be available for intersession courses according to applicable policy; however, the number of courses taken during intersession will be combined with the number of courses taken during the spring semester for purposes of maximum number of courses covered by tuition remission.

Additionally, employees cannot receive tuition remission for themselves for courses taken which occur during work hours except with prior written approval of the applicable supervisor and the Office of Human Resources.

Taxability of Tuition Remission for Graduate Coursework (Under Current Law):


Tuition remission for graduate coursework that exceeds the government specified amount per calendar year will be subject to taxation unless the employee is enrolled in a program which is work-related and the employee receives an approved exemption from the Controller’s Office. All statements of job relatedness requests must be submitted prior to the first day of classes.


Employees whose spouses receive tuition remission for graduate level courses will be taxed for the full value of the remission received and the full amount of the remission will be included on the employee’s W-2.

Note: Employees, their spouses, and dependents are not, at this time, subject to federal or state income tax for the amount of undergraduate tuition remission received.

Termination of Employment / Tuition Remission Policy:

When an employee terminates employment for any reason (except layoff) from Adelphi during a semester (or cycle) in which he/she, their spouse, child, has tuition remission, he/she will be billed for a prorated portion of the tuition charge. For example, if an employee (a spouse or child) have tuition remission for six credits in the fall semester with a tuition remission of $1,200 and he/she leaves Adelphi on the 28th day of a 105 day semester, the employee will be billed 73.4% of $1,200 or $881.

Deadlines for Submission:

Tuition remission forms MUST be fully completed and submitted to the Office of Human Resources on or before the DROP date for the semester or cycle in which the tuition is being requested. No forms will be accepted or processed after the drop date and any tuition or fees due for course work completed will not be waived.


CBA: Collective Bargaining Agreement


  1. To apply for tuition remission, employees must submit the completed on-line form by the drop date for every semester tuition remission is sought.
  2. The employee is then eligible to register for courses.
  3. All avenues of financial aid must be investigated and applied for (for undergraduate coursework) for the employee, his/her spouse and/or dependent children before tuition remission will be approved.
  4. A FAFSA form must be completed for all applicable students.


Tuition Remission

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