Style Guide and Brand Center

Style Guide and Brand Center

Use this Guide to bring Adelphi’s unique look and style into your work, and find templates, tips, logos and guidelines to help us be one Adelphi family.

Help at Your Fingertips

Photo collections, logos, video guides and a host of assets.

Guide to Inclusive Language

Words have the power to unite or divide us, to make people feel accepted or rejected. Adelphi is a welcoming and inclusive campus and community, and the words we use should reflect this.

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Our Story

Adelphi University is a modern metropolitan university with a personalized approach to higher learning. Adelphi transforms students’ lives through personalizing the higher education experience for each of our students.

Whoever you are, wherever you’re starting from or want to go, we’re here to get you there. That’s why we say we are relentlessly dedicated to student success.

We create a distinctive environment built for self-discovery: artistic, practical, academic and social.

What sets us apart is our personal touch. We encourage our students to shape and realize their own journey, knowing they are part of a caring community that supports each student as an individual.

Why do we need a Style Guide and Brand Center?

Our University colors, font, messaging, and style are very important. They set us apart from every other college or university. It is the look of our communications, the tone we use to communicate, and the stories we choose to tell. With a strong, clear, easily identifiable brand, we present a singular and well-defined image to our students, our campus, our alumni and donors, the media, and the outside world.


Adelphi University’s most identifiable and important asset is our logo. Download logo assets and find guides and best practices for use.

Colors and Fonts

Stay gold. Check out Adelphi’s official colors and typography for print and web.

Email Guidelines

Email is our most common form of day-to-day communication and therefore one of the most visible ways we communicate with our audience and one another.

Photos and Video

Since we are a storytelling university, our pictures and video media should also tell stories. Learn how to capture authentic Adelphi moments.

Assets, Templates & Stationery

Download design assets for flyers, report covers, brochures and other branded materials, along with guides and best practices. Stationery such as letterhead and business cards are standardized for all employees of the University.

Social Media Guides

Social media is a powerful communication tool that impacts our institutional reputation. We can help you get started or improve your strategy, for professional or personal presence.

Editorial Standards

Our goal is to promote Adelphi University and its programs in a clear, coherent and consistent manner.

Merchandising & Licensing

The Adelphi University name and marks are some of our most important assets.

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