Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

We believe that diversity benefits our community, enriches learning and our academic environment, and improves student outcomes and lives.

We affirm the richness of human differences, ideas, cultures and beliefs by embracing people of all ages, races, ethnicities, physical and mental abilities and sexual identities as well as invisible differences such as religion, nationality, socioeconomic status, belief system, thought style, military experience and education.

At Adelphi University, we strive for a campus where fairness, care and belonging are integrated into our learning and workplace practices, and where all community members have opportunities to meet their academic and professional goals. We are an engaged and informed community of critical thinkers who support and value the individuality of all people and provide a welcome place of respect and inclusion. 

Major Initiatives


As our community grows each year to reflect our diverse world, Adelphi continues enhancing how our community members engage, explore, support one another, and express themselves authentically in a welcoming environment of respect and belonging. Interest Groups for Faculty & Staff


Adelphi’s Mentoring Program continues growing to support the academic achievement, persistence and life-long success of our students of color, veterans, first-generation students and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Mentoring Program


To accelerate and heighten our intentional efforts to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at Adelphi, we are improving our data-based, informed decision-making, accountability and effectiveness. How We Do It


Adelphi was classified as an Emerging Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) in 2019. As we expand and enhance how we support our Hispanic/Latinx community members, our goal to become a fully designated HSI is proudly within our reach. Hispanic-Serving Institution Task Force

Our Commitment

At Adelphi, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging will not be supplementary or reactive, but essential and embedded in all aspects of our institution. Students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds, belief systems and individual expressions will feel welcome and valued, with equal access to the opportunities and support we need to succeed at Adelphi and to benefit from the full spectrum of experiences at our University.

Together, the Adelphi community will openly discuss and confront issues of disparity and intersectionality that are identified—both at the University and in areas where we impact our community and society. We are committed to confronting issues of social justice, helping to break down equity barriers in higher education and to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at Adelphi and beyond.

It takes all of us at Adelphi to build a truly inclusive and welcoming community.

R. Sentwali Bakari, PhD Vice President for Student Affairs and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Student Stories

Adelphi students Kyana Gordon and Bryce Ridley share ways the University has created space for their communities and empowered them to advocate, find their passions and be inspired by Black leadership. These videos were created by Ana Lyz Rodríguez ’22.

Kyana’s Story: A More Diverse Community

A biology major eager for research opportunities, Kyana Gordon shares her diversity experiences from a different perspective, as someone whose family immigrated from Jamaica.

Bryce’s Story: The Need for Race-Related Conversations

A health sciences major who also competes in track and field, Bryce Ridley emphasizes the importance of a comfortable, race-related environment and inspiration from Black role models.

Awards & Recognition

Chotsani Williams West in a mentoring program workshop at Adelphi

Adelphi’s award-winning Mentoring Program has helped bring about a culture shift at the University. Chotsani Williams West, MA ’07 has led the program since its inception in 2014

Moving Adelphi Forward with Intention

Adelphi has a strong system of support for diversity, equity and social justice. Our office helps sustain these efforts through a Diversity Committee, renowned programs for training and mentoring, and partnering across our University to support and recognize the good work being done by others.

An Enthusiastically Welcoming Community

Biology major Jason Menjivar raves about Adelphi’s diverse student clubs and activities that build community and a sense of belonging in Adelphi’s episode of Amazon Prime’s The College Tour.

Adelphi University students in the Nexus Lobby

Catch Momentum

One of the three main goals of Momentum 2, Adelphi’s five-year strategic plan, is to embrace and foster relationships within our Adelphi community and beyond to maximize our shared values and purpose.

Supporting a Diverse and Vibrant Community

Together, our community of students, faculty, staff and alumni is committed to fostering a safe and welcoming climate of respect, trust and belonging for all at Adelphi.
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