Adelphi University provides Short Term Disability (STD) to eligible staff employees who have completed their probationary period.

Policy Statement

Adelphi University provides Short Term Disability (STD) to eligible staff employees who have completed their probationary period.

Reason for Policy

To provide guidance regarding an employee’s status and compensation when a non-work related injury or illness renders the employee unable to work.

Who Is Governed by this Policy

Anyone covered under New York State Disability: Staff and Student workers


Employees may incur illness or injury requiring an extended absence.  The University provides paid short term disability leave to employees in cases of non-occupational illness or injury which extend beyond five consecutive working days.  A short term disability exists when an employee is absent from work due to illness/injury for a period of five (5) consecutive working days or more (and is under the care of a physician).  The Office of Human Resources must be notified of all absences of five or more consecutive working days. The Office will then notify the employee to contact the disability carrier to report the claim.  We will send a Family Medical Leave letter to notify the employee (if eligible) that, upon approval of the disability claim, the leave will also be designated as a Family Medical Leave.

Employees may be entitled to receive one‑half salary for a period of up to twenty‑six (26) weeks with proper medical evidence for such illness or injury.

This pay is supplemented by any sick/personal time and any accrued vacation time that an employee may have remaining and once time is exhausted the employee will be paid at ½ disability pay only.

Illnesses or accidents that are job—or occupation—related should be processed as Workers’ Compensation absences.


Family and Medical Leave Policy (FMLA)


Adelphi’s Short Term Disability (STD) policy states that after an employee is out of work more than five consecutive days, as of the sixth consecutive day out of work, Adelphi will pay 1/2 salary as STD pay and then will supplement the other 1/2 of pay with any sick/personal or any accrued vacation time remaining.

  • Once any accrued time remaining is exhausted eligible employees will be paid 1/2 salary in STD pay only.
  • If an employee has worked more than 1250 hours in a calendar year they will also qualify for FMLA (which is unpaid job protection that starts with the first day out).
  • When an employee starts a leave (any type of leave) ON OR AFTER the 15th of the month, they are eligible for the vacation accrual for that month.  When an employee returns from leave (any type of leave) ON OR AFTER the 15th of the month, they are NOT eligible for vacation accrual for that month.
  • Eligible employees will be paid 1/2 salary in Short Term Disability (STD) pay for as long as the doctor deems them unable to work (up to the maximum of 26 weeks).  Employees need to call and set up their claim with CIGNA (as described below) and will be required to keep CIGNA updated.

The Short Term Disability (STD) program is managed by CIGNA

  1. The employee calls in their claim to the disability carrier: 1-800-36-Cigna (24462). Hours of Operation 7 a.m.–7 p.m. EST.
  2. The Short Term Disability carrier sends an email to Adelphi notifying of an employee calling in a disability claim.  The carrier confirms the last day worked of the employee.
  3. Once it is established that a claim for disability exists, CIGNA then contacts the physician to get the appropriate medical information. This discussion determines the length of the disability and the return to work options. Once the previous steps are completed, CIGNA notifies Adelphi of the duration of the claim so employee can be paid through Adelphi’s payroll.


This policy does not have forms associated with it at this time. Upon periodic policy review this area will be evaluated to determine if additional information is needed to supplement the policy.

Related Information

Call to set up your Short Term Disability claim with CIGNA. Contact Information: 1.800.36.CIGNA / 1.800.362.4462 to set up a claim.

Document History

  • Last Reviewed Date: February 01, 2023
  • Last Revised Date: February 01, 2023
  • Policy Origination Date: January 01, 1963

Who Approved This Policy

John Siderakis, Chief Administrative Officer

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