University phones are assigned to a limited number of executives and departments to facilitate business  and emergency communications. This service is not accessible to all employees at the university.

Standard Mobile Plan

Our standard mobile service is provided by Verizon. The  plan covers unlimited calls and texts nationwide (United States), with 10GB of Data monthly. Going over 10GB on mobile data  will increase the monthly charge to your department’s account. Please use WiFi on your mobile phone when WiFi is available.

International Travel

To reduce the exorbitant cost of Mobile roaming, if you are traveling outside of the United States, including Canada, please contact us in advance to update your plan to an international plan for the period you are abroad.

New Users

  • New account request must be submitting a request via the Mobile Phone Request Form.
  • Must have Departmental Head Approval with business justification.
  • An account number from your department must provided to facilitate monthly bill payments
  • You can port in an existing number that you have. You must have a PIN for the number you would like to port in.
  • New account requests may incur a fee for devices that are not part of the free offerings under the university’s plan. The cost of a protective case and screen protector will be added to each new mobile phone.

Termination of Account

Any mobile phone account that is no longer needed can be terminated by submitting a request via the Mobile Phone Request Form.

Once Employment with the university has ended, the office of Information Technology must be contacted using the Mobile Phone Request Form to deactivate the account.You can port the number to another mobile service provider if desired.

If you are moving to another department and need to keep the phone, it must be authorized by the new department and a new department account provided. Please submit the request using the  Mobile Phone Request Form as a new request, noting  that you have a university phone and will be changing departments.

Handset Replacements and Upgrades

Our contract allows a handset to be upgraded, usually after 18 months. There are a limited number of replacement devices that come free with the plan. The cost of a protective case and screen protector will be added to any replacement request. Instructions for activating the new device will be provided with the new device. The user will be responsible for migrating any data between the old and new device.

The old device can be returned to the office of Information Technology for a factory reset and responsible disposition of the device.

Any of the above requests must be completed using the mobile phone request form.

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