Ensure your personal and professional information is correct and up-to-date using the self-editable profile tool in eCampus. 

Please review your information and make edits as necessary. Please note these changes will be reflected in the directory. It is important you review and make ongoing changes.

Professional Information

Within the professional tab of your profile, you’ll be able to see your general work information, including your title, and update your:

  • Office location
  • Credentials
    • Highest earned degree
    • Certifications and licenses
  • Headshot (the headshot provided will be used on the directory on the website)

Personal Information

Within this section, you can update your:

  • Preferred name
  • Home and cell phone numbers
  • Home address
  • Emergency contact
  • Pronoun
  • And other voluntary information

Paid Time Off

In this section, you can request and view any PTO you’ve taken and accrued. You’ll also be able to see anad manage the PTO of any individual who reports to you.

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More Info
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