Help others prevent phishing attacks at Adelphi University.

How to Report Phishing Emails

For Employees: Steps to Report Phishing using Phish Alert

  1. In your Adelphi Gmail, open the email message you’d like to report
  2. Select the “Phish Alert” button to the right of the message (it looks like an orange hook)
  3. If you are prompted to enter an activation code, please enter the following: US675E85C29D58A4B96E43972C47BF4DC8
  4. In the new modal that appears, select the blue “Phish Alert” button to submit your phishing report

Gmail - report phishing dropdownCampus Wide: Steps to Report Phishing using Google

  1. In Gmail, open the suspicious message you’d like to report
  2. Choose more options next to Reply, at the top of the message panel
  3. Select “Report Phishing”. The box below will appear in a new window
  4. Click the “Report Phishing Message” option

See how to avoid and report phishing emails via Google Support.

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