Access your Adelphi Gmail account via eCampus using any desktop computer, laptop or mobile device with an internet connection.

You can access your Adelphi Gmail account via eCampus using any device with an internet connection. All registered Adelphi students are assigned an email account that they can continue using as alumni after commencement.

  • Faculty, staff, and administration addresses end with
  • Student and alumni addresses end with

Log in to ecampus and click on the Gmail icon under services.

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Gmail Tips and Best Practices

Use the BCC field for the recipients’ addresses (if you want your sender list to be private) or use the CC field (if you want the recipients to be able to see each others names and email addresses).

When using BCC, put your own email address in the TO: field

Using BCC will help to create a well formatted and printable email structure because it omits the recipient list when viewed by the receivers.

Note: Use caution when cutting and pasting from MS Word—many times there are embedded codes that will not render properly when the email is delivered. Instead, we recommend using Google Docs to prepare your text. Best practice is to compose the message directly in Gmail.

If you are trying to paste in a message from a Word doc, but the message is not formatting correctly, you may wish to convert it to plain text. Use the plain text button in Gmail.

In the upper-right corner of your Mail window, click the Gear icon then Mail Settings and look under the General tab to create your Signature.

Your signature will be appended at the end of all outgoing messages.

Utilizes a rich text editor that allows customization of your text

Allows you to insert an URL to an image.

Also see the Labs feature for Signature Tweaks.

For more information on this feature see Enhance Your Email with Rich Text Signatures.

Adelphi employees can set up a signature through the brand center.

To try out the new feature, just click the Gmail Options > Mail settings > Priority Inbox, and select Show Priority Inbox. Then click Save Changes. You can also click on the image to watch a short video on Priority Inbox.

For details see Gmail Priority Inbox.

To search for messages, type a word that the messages contain. Note, however, that search matches “whole words” only—it doesn’t recognize partial or similar matches. For example, if you search for “benefits”, search won’t find “benefit” or “benef”.

Also, search doesn’t recognize special search characters, such as square brackets, parentheses, currency symbols, the ampersand, the pound sign, and asterisks.

By default, search doesn’t look in your Trash or Spam folders. To include those folders in your search, click Show search options next to the search field, then select Mail & Spam & Trash in the search drop-down list.

You can find more information about using Search in Google Support.

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