Moodle is an online Course Management System that allows students and professors to access course content anywhere and anytime.

Faculty can upload documents, collect assignments and add links to media and other websites. Additionally, Moodle offers students many unique channels and opportunities for learning and activities in a virtual setting.

Moodle Support for Students

What do I do if I can’t access my course in Moodle?

  • Ask your professor if they are using Moodle for the course and whether the professor has made the course available to students online.
  • Make sure your registration for that course number and section are confirmed with the Registrar.
  • If the above have been confirmed, ask your professor to contact the IT Help Desk on your behalf (see question below).

I’ve just added a course that uses Moodle; how long before I have access to it?

  • Adds should be processed in the system within 24 hours of being submitted to the Registrar’s office.

I’ve dropped a class that used Moodle but I’m still receiving email from it. How do I make it stop?

  • Drops should be processed in the system within 24 hours of being submitted to the Registrar’s office. If you are still receiving course emails after this time, send a message to your instructor reminding him/her that you need to be removed from the course.

Best Practices for taking quizzes and tests in Moodle

  • Quizzes and tests should always be taken on a computer—never on your phone.
  • If possible, we highly recommend using a wired network while taking any quizzes or tests.
  • Try to make sure your computer is plugged in and charging so that you don’t lose power while taking any quizzes or tests.

Moodle Support for Faculty

How do I get a registered student listed in my Moodle account?

  • Registered students should automatically show up in your online course management system. If not, ask the student to confirm with the Registrar that he/she is registered for your specific course/section.
  • If the above has been confirmed, call the IT Help Desk at 516.877.3340.
  • Give the student’s full name.
  • Give the full course number and the name of the class.
  • A work order will be generated and the information should be updated within a few hours.

For additional help see: Faculty Moodle Assistance

Moodle Review Group (MRG) and Enhancements

IT and FCPE formed the Moodle Review Group to oversee updates to Moodle and increase its utility in teaching and learning. Please let us know if you have any recommendations or requests on how to improve functionality and experience for Moodle users.

Request a Moodle Enhancement

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