Google Calendar has powerful tools that enable you to better manage your schedule and make it easier to connect with others.

Free/Busy Calendar Sharing Settings

All calendars at Adelphi University are set so that others can see if you are free or busy by default unless you had previously changed your default settings.

  • Go to your settings by selecting the gear icon.
  • Scroll to “Settings for my calendar” in the left menu and select your calendar.
  • Within the access permissions section, check the box “Make available for Adelphi University.”
    • In the dropdown menu, select “See only free/busy (hide details).
    • To disable this setting, uncheck the box “Make available for Adelphi University.”
  • Navigate to “Working Hours” (in the general section), and specify your working hours so meetings can only be scheduled with you while you are working.
  • Add all guests to the meeting: Click the person icon next to the guest’s name to mark a guest as optional. If you don’t see the icon, hover over the guest’s name.
  • Select the “find a time” or “see guest availability.” You’ll now be able to see when guests are free/busy, and schedule a meeting that’s convenient for everyone.

Appointment Slots

Ever thought about incorporating “office hours” so other people at Adelphi can book time with you? Google’s appointment slots allow you to designate specific times of day on your calendar to make yourself available for meetings.

  • Clicking anywhere in your calendar view to create an event. When the event options appear, click “Appointment slots,” as shown below at the very top of the window.
  • Set the date(s) and time(s) you’d like to open up for appointments, as well as how long each appointment should be by default next to “Slots with duration.”
  • By selecting “More Options” you’ll be able to:
    • Set up recurring appointment slots
    • Share the link with those whom you’re willing to arrange appointments by selecting “This calendar’s appointment page.”
  • Click the link for the appointments page that has been shared with you. You can find the link in an email, message, or calendar event that’s been shared with you.
  • Select an available appointment slot and click Save.
  • To cancel an appointment, open it in your calendar, and choose “no” under “Going?”

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