How to request time off, view and manage your PTO balance. Managers are able to track and approve their team’s time off.

Taking time off is critical and managing it shouldn’t be a hassle. At Adelphi University, all eligible employees can use the My Profile tool found within eCampus to request time off, view both your time taken and accrued.

Plan your PTO in advance using this system for the next fiscal year. Just a friendly reminder that potential carryover days are not included, and available days may change.

For all Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability or New York State Paid Family Leave (NYSPFL) inquiries please contact HR at

Employee PTO Guide

This tool provides immediate confirmation of requests, ease of cancelation/edits of submitted requests, and offers remaining balances and accrual information for all types of PTO.

If you work weekends, you can activate the slider, which will allow the calendar to include weekend dates.

Input your start and end dates, then specify if it is a full or partial day off, then choose the type of time off. You can also choose “Add More Dates” to include additional days with a different type of time off within the same submission.

Once successfully submitted, you will receive an email confirmation. Your manager will also be notified by email to review and approve your request.

Please note that your manager is not required to approve for Bereavement, Jury Duty or COVID vaccine leave. These are automatically approved.

Make a PTO Request (login required)

Dates with a green checkmark are dates in the past and have been confirmed by you as taken. Dates that have a grey hour-glass icon are either pending manager approval or employee confirmation.

Your remaining days for each type of leave are indicated in bold to assist with your planning.

If you submitted a day off that has not yet passed, you can quickly and easily delete or edit those dates – even if your manager has already approved.

Simply select the “View/Edit” button under the type of PTO, and a new window will show all the scheduled days off for that type. From here you can easily delete scheduled time off, or even edit the date and type. Select the SAVE button in the upper-right of the screen.

Any edits will automatically email your manager for review and approval.

View Your PTO Balance (login required)

All your PTO taken must be confirmed as accurate for the previous month before you are able to submit new requests. When you have new dates to confirm, you will notice a red alert on the Paid Time Off menu.

You will also receive additional prompts alerting you to confirm your dates taken. Select the blue “View/Confirm” button to see all the dates that need your confirmation.

From here, you can specify whether the day off is correct, or if you were working that day, you can mark it as incorrect with a reason.

Select the SAVE button in the upper-right of the screen to submit your confirmations and automatically alert your manager of incorrect dates.

Manager PTO Guide

As a manager, you can view the leave requests of your direct reports, confirm or deny requests and even delegate approval responsibilities to a colleague.

You can view a detailed report of your direct reports and their time off. Simply click on the person’s name to expand the view.

It’s easy to see confirmed dates as well as dates scheduled for the future—along with the type of leave taken.

You also have the option to delegate access to your team’s PTO management. 

Simply choose the colleague from your department that you wish to give access to, and then choose whether you would like this to be for a set duration or on an ongoing basis. Once you’re done, click “Submit Changes”.

When new requests come through, both you and your delegate will receive emails to review and approve.

When your direct reports submit PTO requests, these will be listed within the Manager’s tab and you will notice a red alert dot on the tab and menu.

If you must deny a request, you are able to provide a reason.

Once you have submitted your confirmations, email notifications will be sent to your employees alerting them of your selections and notes.

Digital Paid Time Off (PTO) FAQs

The Digital PTO Request portal is housed in the “My Profile” service on eCampus.

Non-exempt employees must continue to submit weekly attendance sheets until a similar system is built out in the next phase of our payroll automation.

Exempt, nonunion employees will confirm their monthly attendance through the new portal, eliminating paper monthly attendance reports for this group.

The request goes to your manager for their approval; there will be a gray circle with an hourglass in the center next to the pending date.

If you scroll over that, it will read “Pending Manager Approval”.

Once your manager approves, you will see the same gray circle/hourglass, but this time it will read “Pending Employee Confirmation”.

You will need to confirm after you take the day(s).

If you know the dates you would like to request, please submit them all at one time.

You can request a sick day for a day that has passed, as long as it is done as soon as you return. But you still need to follow the sick call-out process for your department.

You will need to request the days since it is PTO, but it does not require your manager’s approval.

For all FMLA, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability or NYPFL inquiries, please contact

No, once your leave is confirmed by you it is automatically entered into SAAS.

You can view all of your PTO through the My Profile portal. There is now an option to view in the PTO Request and Approval System where it reads “My Balance”.

After the day passes, you will have to confirm the PTO. You will be able to make the proper edits at that time.

You must approve the previous month’s PTO before you are able to request future PTO.

Overtime submissions have not changed. Please continue with the normal process.

Yes, the new online PTO system will automatically generate a PTO Google calendar for each department to show employees’ approved leave.

Here’s how to add your department’s calendar to yours: 

  • You will receive an email from pto-calendar-admin with the option to add it to your calendar
  • Your calendar name will be pto_(department_name)
  • Once added, you can hide, show, or remove the calendar as well as customize your alerts and display settings

Upon transitioning between departments, your requested PTO will become visible in your new department’s calendar, commencing from your start date.  Any PTO taken prior to your start date will not be displayed in the PTO calendar for your new department.

Personal and Professional Information

You can ensure your personal and professional information is correct and up-to-date using the self-editable profile tool in eCampus. These changes will be reflected in the directory. It is important that you review and make ongoing changes.

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