Adelphi has plenty of computer workstations and kiosks around our campus and center locations.

Adelphi has plenty of workstations with a full complement of software for your research and assignments. An Adelphi login is required to use workstations.

Garden City

  • Information Commons (Library)
  • Sager Lab (Library Research)
  • Underground Café (UC)
  • Woodruff Akian Computer Lounge

Computer Workstations are also available at the Hauppauge, Hudson Valley and Manhattan Centers.

In addition to the labs above, specialized labs are also available by appointment, such as the Disability Support Lab, Writing Center, Honors College Lab, Learning Center, and Graphic Design Lab.

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  • Can I leave the workstation for a break or will I be locked out of the computer?
    • Your session is paused not lost. If you are walking away from your computer, lock your screen. To lock your screen, press the Windows logo key and L, or the key combination of “Ctrl, Alt and Delete” on your keyboard. When you return, unlock the screen by once again entering your username and password.
    • Please note: After 5 minutes of inactivity (no input to the keyboard or any mouse movement), the computer will automatically “lock” to protect your session. To get back to the work on your screen, just re-enter your username and password.
    • To prevent loss of data, we strongly recommend you save your work to an external device such as a thumb/flash drive any time you utilize and/or leave this or any computer.
  • How do I log out of the system to ensure my information security?
    • If you are done working, you have two options: either SHUT DOWN or REBOOT the computer. This shut down or reboot will clean all information of your session completely.
    • Note: Simply logging out of eCampus does not secure your information. The computer will still “cache” your credentials and any form entries of the session.
    • You are ultimately responsible for what occurs with the computer while your login is active.

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