Provides the ability to analyze and report faculty course loads against contract requirements for payroll approval.

Access the Faculty Payroll and Course Load System

Faculty Members

Faculty can now view a timeline for their course load approval and easily see what step the approval process is in. You can also view all prior reports that have been approved during your time at Adelphi University.


Academic leadership and designated administrators within the Office of the Provost and Office of Finance and Operations must approve all faculty payroll and course loads each semester.

Please refer to the payroll policies and procedures for updated pay schedules.

Filtering and Search

The main menu has expanded features to filter batches of reports by criteria or search for specific reports by name or ID.

You can see all workloads based on your role (chair, dean, budget, provost) for which you have the responsibility to approve—including workloads ready to be approved or previously approved at your level.

Faculty Reports

The individual faculty report displays:

  • special areas (release time)
  • course assignments
  • other assignments (field supervision, doctoral supervision, etc.)

The approval status for each level will show Approved or Pending under each item. Once approval has been received, the report will show who approved it and the date they approved it.

How to Make an Approval

Designated administrators can approve each item that’s ready by

  • clicking the box to the left of each item you are approving
  • clicking the “Save and Next Report” or “Save and Return to Menu”

Faculty Office Hours

Faculty Office Hours will be displayed at the bottom of the screen if they have been submitted on the Faculty Obligation Form.

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