Panopto is video platform for recording lectures, tutorials and course assignments.

At Adelphi, Panopto is integrated within Moodle courses. Panopto allows professors and students to record video using a computer, smartphone or tablet with input from up to three sources at once. For example, one camera may point at the professor giving a lecture, while another captures what is being shown on the computer screen and a third focuses on something being manipulated, such as a science lab activity.

Faculty who are new to Panopto are encouraged to contact the FCPE for assistance on how to use it in their curriculum.

Students will need to be enrolled in a course where Panopto is being used by the professor in order to see the video link.

When a student clicks on the Panopto video link, they will be presented with the Panopto login screen. They should make sure that Moodle is selected in the drop-down menu, then click the Log In button.

By default, access to the recordings are restricted to students who are enrolled in a course.

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