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Earn two in-demand degrees in just five years.

Why Earn a Combined Degree in Statistics?

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) and the American Statistical Association (ASA) report that jobs in modeling and data manipulation are at an all-time high and likely to grow over the next decade. Adelphi’s 4+1 BS in Statistics/MS in Applied Mathematics and Data Science—the only program of its kind on Long Island, New York—trains the next generation of professionals to meet this soaring demand.

Why Earn a Combined Degree in Computer Science Statistics, Applied Mathematics & Data Science at Adelphi in New York?

  • When you pursue the 4+1 BS in Statistics/MS in Applied Mathematics and Data Science pathway, you’ll graduate with the whole package: two highly marketable degrees, a bachelor’s degree in statistics, a master’s degree in applied mathematics & data science, plus valuable internship and work experience.
  • You’ll be ready to make the leap to a successful career in cutting-edge fields like statistics, engineering, scientific computing, statistical analysis, mathematical finance, biomedical engineering, mathematical economics, operations research or management science.
  • You’ll obtain a BS in statistics after four years and spend one additional year earning your MS in applied mathematics and data science — all while learning in small classes with supportive faculty.

What Can You Do with a Statistics/Applied Mathematics degree?

A degree in statistics or applied math can open up a wide range of career opportunities in a variety of fields. Some of the most popular career paths for statistics and applied math majors include:

  • Data scientist, collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to help businesses make informed decisions by identifying patterns and trends in data and developing models to predict future outcomes.
  • Statistician, designing and conducting experiments, collecting and analyzing data, and interpreting results. They work in a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, and government.
  • Actuary, using mathematics and statistics to assess risk in the insurance industry, developing pricing models for insurance products and evaluating the risk of events such as natural disasters and accidents.
  • Operations research analyst, using mathematical and statistical modeling to solve complex problems in business and industry, developing models to optimize resource allocation, improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Financial analyst, analyzing financial data and making investment recommendations in a variety of industries, including banking, investment management and insurance.
  • Quantitative analyst, developing trading strategies in financial markets for hedge funds, investment banks and other financial institutions.

Statistics and applied math majors also find work in engineering, healthcare, and government. The skills they develop in their coursework can be applied to a wide range of problems and challenges encountered in professional fields.

90%* * based on Adelphi University Career Outcomes Survey: Class of 2022
of our master’s graduates say that Adelphi University increased their understanding of the roles and responsibilities of professionals in their field
based on Adelphi University Career Outcomes Survey: Class of 2022

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To apply for this program, submit the appropriate application requirements:

Additional Requirements

Students who are already enrolled in a qualifying undergraduate statistics program and who meet GPA requirements can apply for the accelerated program once they have completed particular steps in the major.

Your academic adviser can help you design a course of study tailored to your individual career interests.

Transformative Educational Opportunities

All undergraduate students have the opportunity to apply for the following programs to expand their educational landscape:

  • The Honors College – fostering intellectual perspectives and critical skills
  • Levermore Global Scholars – preparing students to become global thinkers and leaders
  • Study Abroad – providing opportunities to experience another culture and see the world from a new perspective

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