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Expand your reach and gain access to other cultures as you acquire the foundation of a genuinely multicultural education.

Why Earn a BA in Spanish?

Earning a degree in Spanish opens the door to a career in a number of fields—business, education, journalism, law, law enforcement, library science, medicine, public health, social work, translation and interpreting. You can become a language teacher in the United States or in international schools with an advanced degree in language education, or you could become a professional translator or interpreter.

Why Major in Spanish at Adelphi?

  • Receive personal attention in small classes with our distinguished, multilingual professors who are focused on your success.
  • Achieve written and oral fluency and a deep understanding of other world cultures as you immerse yourself in a variety of languages and literatures.
  • Gain valuable career skills and learn to work with a growing Spanish-speaking population in business, healthcare, or human services fields, or prepare for graduate school to become a language educator.

All About Global Studies

$80,090* * based on Adelphi University Career Outcomes Survey & NACE First Destination Survey, Class of 2022
the average annual salary of our 2022 baccalaureate graduates—that’s 29% higher than the national average
based on Adelphi University Career Outcomes Survey & NACE First Destination Survey, Class of 2022

My experience in the language department at Adelphi was nothing short of amazing. All the professors are kind and they actually care. They empowered me with knowledge, whether it was inside the classroom or outside in the real world. If it weren’t for this program and the professors, I would not have decided to pursue my career in translation. They truly inspired me to be the best that I can be. I am currently publishing my third translated book and finishing my master’s degree in Spain.

Kimberly Moreira ’17 BA in Spanish

Minor, Degree & Certificate Options

Adelphi’s Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures offers several different options for pursuing language studies, including opportunities to double major, several minor options and a certificate in translation studies.

Double Major

High-achieving students may choose to double major, pursuing multiple language degrees or a language degree in addition to other degrees from the College of Arts and Sciences. Recent double majors have paired their language major with biology, dance, art or an additional language.

Minor in Spanish

A language minor allows you to complement your studies, enrich your personal life and acquire practical skills that can be applied to professional objectives. If you wish to minor in Spanish language studies you must complete 18–24 credits in that language, depending on your entry level. It is recommended that you contact language faculty early for individual guidance in the development of an appropriate language minor.

Certificate in Translation Studies

Designed for students taking one of three languages—Spanish, French or Italian—the program is applicable to students interested in careers that involve the frequent translation of documents such as education, social work, literature and business. The program also has a component in interpreting for a variety of legal settings (depositions, courts, lawyer’s offices) and healthcare (hospital, clinics, doctor’s offices).

The certificate program is open to current University students and college graduates seeking to add to their portfolio and make themselves more marketable to employers.

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Transformative Educational Opportunities

All undergraduate students have the opportunity to apply for the following programs to expand their educational landscape:

  • The Honors College – fostering intellectual perspectives and critical skills
  • Levermore Global Scholars – preparing students to become global thinkers and leaders
  • Study Abroad – providing opportunities to experience another culture and see the world from a new perspective

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