Stress Management Skills for Mind/Body

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In this series of workshops held over a three-week period, you’ll tackle chronic stress and learn how to retrain your mind and body to help you think, feel and act in healthier ways.

You’ll explore scientific findings on mind/body issues, develop relaxation techniques and learn how nutrition, meditation and other lifestyle changes can restore damage done by stress. This three-week program encourages interaction and skill building.

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Who can benefit?

  • Professionals in the Wellness Field: Add to your skill set to assist those dealing with stress, poor eating habits and negative behaviors
  • Individuals Interested in Fitness: Learn lifestyle behaviors that will directly enhance your goal of mind and body fitness
  • Individuals Dealing with Stress: Learn to undo stress-creating behaviors, achieve relaxation and restore damage that stress has caused

Seminars include:

  1. How Adverse Childhood Experiences Affect Brain Chemistry (1 hour)
    Learn how childhood abuse, neglect and family dysfunction affect a child’s developing brain and body, and how this can negatively affect adulthood. Learn methods of healing through improved self-care, lifestyle and the relaxation response.
  2. Nutrition and Exercise 101 (1 hour)
    Looking for ways other than medication to elevate mood and improve brain chemistry? Learn how nutrition and exercise are two of the most effective, nonprescription medicine methods to lift your mood, change brain chemistry, and enhance overall well-being.
  3. Creating Individualized Nutrition and Exercise Programs (2 hours)
    Learn how to develop and maintain eating and exercise plans—and stay motivated to follow the plans and reach your goals. Specific guidelines for diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension and obesity will be discussed.
  4. Mind/Body Medicine (90 minutes)
    Understand the body’s response to stress, the role it plays in disease and a variety of ways to heal. This interactive class includes the exercise of mind illusions to help you build mind/body healing skills.
  5. Guided Meditation (30 minutes)
    Put all your new stress-management skills together and experience a relaxing, guided meditation incorporating many of the lessons learned from this certificate course.


Tracy Stopler MS, RD

Tracy Stopler MS, RD, is a registered dietitian in private practice with a Master’s Degree in nutrition from New York University. She has been an adjunct nutrition professor at Adelphi University for twenty-three years. She has earned two certificates in Clinical Training for Mind/Body Medicine from Harvard Medical School (2010, 2019) and has been leading workshops for over ten years. She was the Enough Abuse Campaign Coordinator at The Safe Center on Long Island. Prior to this role, Tracy served as a volunteer SAFER Advocate (Survivor Advocate for Emergency Response), and as a child victim’s advocate, working with abused children and their non-offending family members. Tracy is the author of two award-winning books. Her debut novel, The Ropes That Bind an inspirational story about overcoming childhood trauma and her second novel for young adults, My Brother Javi: A Dog’s Tale, is a story, told through the voices of two dog siblings, about learning to be present in the moment and listening to our inner voice in order to be happier and live more meaningful lives.

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