Diversity and Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Practices

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For any individual within the educational or health care community today, understanding the dimensions of culture within the framework of cultural humility, sustainability, and equity,  is a critical skill for providing high quality education and care for all communities.

In this workshop, you’ll receive a general overview and rationale for the importance of promoting provision of services embedded within diversity, inclusion, & equity perspective. You will learn the guiding principles of cultural humility, sustainability and equity and the specific knowledge and skills critical for serving all communities within education and health care. You will also be able to analyze and develop plans for changing inequitable outcomes from a deeper understanding of systemic inequities, professional standards, and epistemological biases related specifically to race, ethnicity, gender, class and ability—and how these structures can be intersectional within individuals or groups. You’ll learn the skills you need to become a culturally responsive leader, heath care professional, educator or advocate.

Can be taken individually or as part of the Diversity Certificate Program.

Workshop Information

Course Dates

September 21, 2023

Meeting Time

6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.



Who can benefit:

  • Workplace Administrators, Managers, and Supervisors
  • Workplace Human Resource Personnel
  • Workplace Employees and Staff
  • Principals, Teachers, Teacher Assistants and Aides, Pre-K through College
  • Individuals in the Public Health, Nursing, Counseling, and Medical Fields
  • First Responders, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management Personnel
  • Social Development Advocates
  • Any individual in the business, education, social work, and civil society communities.


Dr. Clara Vaz Bauler has a Ph.D. in Education with emphasis in Applied Linguistics and Cultural Perspectives and Comparative Education from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She draws from thirteen years of national and international classroom teaching from preschool to adult levels to inform her research and practice. She has worked as a world languages and TESOL teacher educator since 2008. Her research focuses on affirming and naturalizing multimodal and multilingual practices via digital media.

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