Anti-Oppressive Leadership Fellows Program

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The Anti-Oppressive Leadership Fellows Program prepares groups of nonprofit leaders to positively impact their organization’s culture, practices, and policies.

Starting in Fall 2024

Two or four top-level leaders from an organization should apply together, such as the CEO/ED, Chair of the Board, and DEI Director. Participants receive a Certificate in Anti-Oppressive Leadership from Adelphi University upon completion of the twelve-month program.

This is a virtual program!  Fellows will receive training, compassionate coaching, peer support, and mutual accountability in order to make progress from wherever they are in their journey into anti-oppression work. Throughout the experience, participants will explore and craft sustainable actions to strengthen an equity-driven organizational culture. By demonstrating your commitment to combating oppression, your staff and the communities you serve will benefit even more from your leadership, organizational culture, and strengthened relationships.

Common Challenges

Undoing oppression requires synergistic actions at every organizational level, starting with individuals holding leadership positions. From critically reflecting on our individual biases to interrogating the systemic factors impeding our organizations’ commitment to social justice, anti-oppressive practice requires support, guidance, trust, authenticity, accountability, and shared values, knowledge, and skills. Leadership matters in shaping organizational culture, modeling anti-oppressive practices, and committing to clear expectations related to diversity, equity, privilege, and inclusion by strengthening accountability throughout the organization.

Although nonprofit leaders may have an authentic intent and urgency to combat oppression, most would benefit from high-level executive training that specifically provides experiential opportunities to implement anti-oppressive leadership practices. Our training offers a collective learning community among peers to further develop organizational vision, strategy, and actions. Once the year-long training is completed, we will provide sustainable cohort collaboration, personal support, and up-to-date organizational resources for anti-oppressive practice.

Who Should Take This Course?

Candidates who meet the following criteria should apply:

  • Executive team members (CEOs, Executive Directors, Presidents)
  • DEI Directors
  • Board chairpersons and members
  • Other senior leaders (Program Directors, HR Directors, Vice Presidents)
  • Community stakeholders (Advisory Council Chairpersons)

Methods of Instruction

AOLF uses a collaborative style of learning to address a range of competencies, skills and practices. The curriculum design and schedule take into consideration the busy lives of nonprofit professionals and community leaders.

This program consists of:

  • Virtual monthly retreats (each 3 hours)
  • Delivered through 12 consecutive months: September to September
  • Small group, cohort format to build a trusting community of learning
  • Private coaching (2 sessions) for each organizational group of participants including ongoing options for support and engagement for alumni of the program.

Program Cost

$3,750 — The cost is reduced to $3,500 per person when multiple leaders representing the same organization enroll together.

Virtual Information Sessions

  • Session 1: Friday June 14th at 11:00 a.m.
  • Session 2: Thursday July 11th at 1:00 p.m.

Please send a note to Diane Wunderlich at to request the information session Zoom link. If you are unable to attend the information sessions, please contact us and we can set up a meeting to address any questions.

Apply Now

Applications due September 6, 2024. Applications will be reviewed and selected applicants will be invited to register.  Multiple leaders representing a nonprofit organization are strongly encouraged to apply for the program in the same cycle (separate applications are required for each person).

Program Schedule

September 2024 through September 2025

  • September 13, 2024 (virtual retreat)
  • October 4, 2024 (virtual retreat)
  • November 8, 2024 (virtual retreat)
  • December 13, 2024 (virtual retreat)
  • January 10, 2025 (virtual retreat)
  • February 14, 2025 (virtual retreat)
  • March 7, 2025 (virtual retreat)
  • April 2025, dates to be determined (virtual group coaching)
  • May 2025, dates to be determined (virtual group coaching)
  • June 6, 2025 (virtual retreat)
  • July 11, 2025 (virtual retreat)
  • August 8, 2025 (virtual retreat)
  • September 5, 2025 (virtual retreat)


  • Orientation to the program
  • Community building
  • Addressing the location of self and positive disruption
  • Orientation to this program’s leadership framework (theoretical model)
  • Critical self-reflection on positionality
  • Systems of oppression
  • Manifestations of implicit bias and micro-aggression, both individually and within an organizational context
  • Understanding ideology of Whiteness and its origins
  • Engaging in dialogues around privilege
  • The myths, challenges and actions towards allyship
  • Examine the history of nonprofits, foundations, and funding
  • Critically examine policies and practices for potentially oppressive outcomes
  • Conduct a power analysis to identify inequitable power in organizations
  • Recognizing behaviors of leadership that can perpetuate or ignore oppression of people within organizations
  • Working to learn to interrogate our own behaviors
  • Working to empower marginalized individuals within organizations
  • Integration of all module learnings
  • Collaboration of fellows to design and begin organizational culture change initiatives for sustainable long-term continuation
  • Graduation and transition into alumni community
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