Building Your Skills in Python, Machine Learning, AI and R

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This certificate course will help you build your proficiencies in four vital areas of data science, giving you a strong edge in any organization requiring computer competency.

Especially valuable to IT professionals or computer science educators, completion of these workshops awards you with a digital certificate you can add to your résumé or social media networks, proving vital new or updated skills in the ever-changing and quickly evolving field of computer science.

Who can benefit:

  • IT Professionals
  • Computer or Data Science Educators
  • Anyone Interested in Coding or Software Programming
  • Students Studying Computer or Data Science


Complete all five workshops below in any order to earn a certificate. The final workshop is free.

Python Refreshment

Refresh your basic skills of Python, one of the programming world’s most quickly growing computer languages. In two 4-hour workshops, you will learn key Python programming concepts; review designing, analyzing and coding; and build your skills in the most important Python libraries for machine learning. The course includes many hands-on work exercises that illustrate the use of Python commands, and critical mathematical concepts are reviewed. You’ll come away with stronger Python competencies and new abilities in the field of computer science—qualities valuable to any business or organization.

Machine Learning I

As “information overload” and the amount of data we collect continue to increase, the field of machine learning is becoming increasingly important. Machine learning powers many of today’s popular services, like Google, social media, and Netflix. In these two 4-hour workshops, you will learn the basics of machine learning and how this new field gives you the tools and skills you need to locate patterns within massive amounts of data. You’ll learn basic applications in machine learning, discuss its strengths and limitations, and learn to recognize different types of machine learning. This course includes principal component analysis, clustering analysis, linear regressions and logistics regression. You’ll develop skills in machine learning that are highly valued in today’s data-driven society.

Machine Learning II

In two 4-hour workshops, you’ll continue to build your skills in advanced applications of machine learning. This includes timely applications such as Trees, Forest, KNN and Support Vector Machines. You’ll benefit from a basic review of the math behind the algorithms, as well as the advantages and limitations of machine learning. Through hands-on learning exercises, you will practice your skills with examples from competition websites such as Kaggle. Your more advanced machine learning skills will help give you an edge in the data-driven marketplace, and boost the computer skills of educators in any data science field.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Having skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI) will open up a world of opportunity to anyone in the business world. In these two 4-hour workshops, you will be introduced to some of the mostly commonly used AI networks today. You’ll gain new skills in Feed Forward, Convolutional Networks and recurrent neural networks. Building your AI skills and proficiency will help advance your career in dozens of fields, including software engineering, human-machine interface, search engine–related careers and data science education.

R Refreshment

R is one of the most popular languages in the world of data science. In these two 4-hour sessions, you will update your basic R skills using R Studio. You will learn how to implement multiple statistical techniques using R. Key R concepts will be reviewed, as well as the most popular R packages used in statistical analysis. You’ll benefit from many hands-on work exercises that will build your skills in the use of R commands, while reviewing key statistical concepts. You’ll come away with improved proficiencies in R; a language that will help you advance in any technical field, as well as almost any field of business.

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