Amplifying Positive Leadership

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This certificate program explores the contemporary views of effective leadership for the new millennium.

The course is research and theory-based but practice-oriented. It takes a process approach that teaches leaders how to artfully shape the behavior of people at work.

Who can benefit:

  • Aspiring Managers: Get a better understanding of the road ahead.
  • Newly Appointed Managers: Be prepared to successfully manage people from the start.
  • Seasoned Managers: Look back—and look forward—to elevate your people skills for the new millennium.


Complete all six workshops below in any order to earn a certificate. The final workshop is free.

Managing With Positivity

Unleash the power of positivity to build community and trust with your team, cope with business challenges, encourage creativity and advance your management career.

Managers and the Power of Humility

Humility is an often-overlooked but critical trait in successful managers. Learn how humility allows you to show strength as a leader, bring others into decisions and solutions, helps you appreciate work done by others and helps you accomplish goals more successfully.

The Virtuous Manager

Learn the “no blame” approach to promote innovation and learning, and encourage employee well-being. You’ll explore the difference between accountability and blame, enabling your team to strive for excellence.

Workplace Spirituality

Workplace spirituality is key to creating meaningful work that promotes a sense of purpose. Learn to identify employee passions about their work, how this relates to their life passions and how to utilize those passions within your organization.

Mastering Crucial Conversations

Master the art of difficult conversations—conversations when emotions run high and opinions vary greatly. Those who master difficult conversations advance the furthest in their career. Learn the power of dialogue, storytelling and contrasting techniques to achieve mutual understanding.

Supportive Accountability

Accountability marks the difference between healthy and unhealthy organizations. As people improve in their ability to hold one another accountable, they also improve engagement, efficiency and performance.

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