Robert B. Willumstad School of Business

Robert B. Willumstad School of Business

Make an impact—in your career, in your community, and in our world. With Adelphi’s deep community connections, and state-of-the-art skill building, our graduate and undergraduate students are poised to make a powerful mark on the business world.

How does an Adelphi education create impact?

  • highly ranked graduate and undergraduate programs in the most in-demand fields
  • career-launching internships and work experiences with Adelphi’s powerful community partners
  • the Willumstad Winning Edge Program for tech-training, career skills and mentoring for leadership
  • Flexible MBA schedules and options to help graduate students boost their earning power
  • certificates that take any career to the next level

Education for Impact

Small classes. World-class scholars. The latest technology, knowledge and research. Real-world experience and career-building internships. Mentors who share their expertise, close connections with corporate and non-for-profit partners and the tools you need to launch a powerful career–or take your career to the next level.

Impact and Innovation

Impact Through Internships

Internships, mentorships, job training, work experience: with these life-changing tools, Adelphi builds your success. You begin your career well connected, powerfully rooted in community, and ready for the challenges of today’s business world. Learn About Internships

Career-Building Innovation

Unique to Adelphi, the Willumstad Winning Edge gives undergraduate students six innovative ways to build leadership. You’ll gain powerful connections, receive Microsoft Excel training and certification options, and be personally mentored and guided through your undergraduate journey. Get the Winning Edge

The Power of Networking

Robert B. Willumstad alumni – over 19,000 strong – can be found across our Long Island region, our state and our globe – and they return to share their expertise, build partnerships, network and hire our students, and create a powerful workforce of Panthers in the business world. Alumni Network

Choose Your Program

Graduate Programs

Maximize your impact with a graduate degree. Find exceptionally flexible schedules and online options for degrees in accounting, business analytics, supply chain management, or our specialized MBA programs. Working full time or raising a family? Adelphi’s personalized approach will help you balance it all successfully.

Graduate Programs

Undergraduate Majors and Minors

Find the most powerful path forward for your career: accounting, finance, economics, management or information systems. And explore Adelphi’s many unique options to combine widely different bachelor degrees with an MBA in business. Need to be online? We can help. Need to finish in three years? We can help there, too.

Undergraduate Majors & Minors

4+1 Programs

Save a year of time and tuition, and make your impact on the business world a year earlier. Choose from many 4+1 programs and combine an MBA with STEM fields, like biochemistry, software engineering, neuroscience or biology. Or stay within the business disciplines with accounting, business of science or our one-year MBA.

4+1 Accelerated Programs


Expand your potential with a certificate – an economical way to bring your skills up to date, or add new expertise. Choose from accounting, business analytics, digital marketing, finance, management or human resource management, marketing analytics or supply chain management.

All Certificate Programs

Through a project-based approach, Adelphi University students and faculty engage in real-world challenges.

State-of-the-Art Coursework

Majors and programs at Adelphi are modern, relevant and innovative. Our Professional Accelerated MBA allows students who have career or family obligations to succeed on a fast track. In our MS in Business Analytics program, you’ll work directly with global corporations. Our undergraduate accounting majors benefit from free-of-charge preparation for the CPA Exam by industry leader, Becker Professional Education.

The MBA program at Adelphi was ideal for Zareen Parvez Shaik, a working parent with limited time. It’s designed to help every student succeed.

Make an Impact at Any Age

If you are balancing career and family, Adelphi offers exceptionally flexible schedules and options to help you achieve your goals. Many programs are online, many offer flexible course times, and all provide individualized instruction and exceptional support. 

Making an Adelphi Business Education Affordable

We have many ways to help you afford tuition. In fact, 100% of our undergraduate business students are automatically given a scholarship. And once you graduate, our graduates are among the highest paid in the nation.
Adelphi students stand in Time Square in New York City in front of the Nasdaq with the Adelphi University Logo displayed on the large screen.

Alumna Vanja Savic ‘18 hosted Adelphi students and Professor Cem Karatas at Nasdaq through the Willumstad School of Business’s job shadowing program. They toured Nasdaq, learned about its business and employees’ career backgrounds, and witnessed the live closing bell ceremony.

Outside the Classroom: Hands-On Learning for Impact

Particularly in the business world, what you learn in the classroom can only be part of the story. Your real impact begins when you start your internship or work experience, as part of Adelphi’s strong roots in the business community. Internships at Adelphi are usually set up with local corporate partners in Long Island and New York City. Both graduate and undergraduate students do important project work with nearby companies and not-for-profits. Unlike many colleges, most internships are paid.

Our annual Scholarly and Creative Works Conference is an opportunity for our student scholars and researchers to shine.

Research That Makes a Difference

Research at the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business is prioritized – for both undergraduate and graduate students, and for our expert faculty. Adelphi faculty are doing important business research in fields like international trade, real-world data, and blockchain economics. Our students are encouraged to seek new knowledge, think critically and pursue a new area of interest. You’ll have the opportunity to present your work to the entire Adelphi community at our annual Scholarly and Creative Works Conference.

Adelphi student Pooja Kar holding a check after winning the Business Plan Competition.

Chitralekha (Pooja) Kar, ’18, MA ’19, CPA, launched her entrepreneurial career as an early winner of the Business Plan Competition.

Building Powerful Entrepreneurial Skills

The spirit of entrepreneurship is strong at Adelphi. Our annual Business Plan Competition encourages both undergraduate and graduate students to create their own innovative business ideas, and write business plans to support their success. The Competition judges are faculty leaders and entrepreneurial success stories themselves. Up to $11,000 in cash prizes are awarded to students, and winners move on to regional competitions.

The James R. Riley Trading Room

Used for advanced research and analytics, the James R. Riley Trading Room is equipped with the same Bloomberg terminals used by Wall Street financial professionals. The Student Investment Fund is an exceptional hands-on learning experience, allowing students to manage and trade real dollars in a large University fund.

Students Making an Impact

Positive Impact: Diversity in the World of Business

The Robert B. Willumstad School of Business Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Council is dedicated to creating a culture of inclusion and belonging. A diversity student taskforce, a high school mentoring program for underserved communities, and the Two Museums Program–with a visit to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and the National Museum of African American History–are signature initiatives.

Exciting Events for Real-World Learning

A unique feature of the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business is the many events that bring entrepreneurs, executives, and industry professionals to campus. You’ll get a real-world take on classroom studies, and have the opportunity to meet and network with business leaders.

Awards & Recognition

Your Journey to Business Success Starts Here.

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