A powerful part of a Willumstad “education for impact” is our extensive network business alumni. They are critical to the success of undergraduate and graduate business students at Adelphi.

Whether they are offering their professional insights, sharing experiences, connecting students with career opportunities or funding scholarships, our alumni are helping to create a powerful workforce of Panthers in the business world.

Willumstad alumni in your network
Financial Literacy workshop held at Adelphi University

Adelphi University routinely holds Financial Literacy workshops on campus for students, faculty and staff.

Networking with Business Leaders

Strong local connections, multiple networking opportunities, and mentoring by influential business leaders strengthen your career potential. Business alumni return to Adelphi for speaking engagements, conferences and teaching opportunities.

I want to help the students the way my professors helped me,” Mroz said. “I’m proud to say I want to be their colleague and stand with them as they teach the students coming up now. That’s the impact that I felt by going through this program.

Jared Mroz ‘22 MS Business Analytics, who returned to Adelphi to teach database management systems in the evenings to both undergraduates and graduate students

An Adelphi business event where a panel of experts answer questions from the audience

Executive in Residence Program

Adelphi’s Executive in Residence Program often features successful alumni who return to campus to make a difference in the lives of Willumstad students. A recent example is Bharat Bhisé, MBA ’78, CEO and founder of Bravia Capital, who guest lectured in finance courses, participated in the Insights From Experts lecture series, and mentored many students.

A business is five very distinct things: equity of the owners or the shareholders; your management; your customers; your vendors; and the community you live in. When at least three of these five separate stakeholders are not aligned, the business will probably fail…There were businesses that may not have been as likely to succeed but did—because all five were completely aligned.

Bharat Bhisé, MBA ‘78 CEO and Founder of Bravia Capital, upon the launch of the fully-funded Bhisé Global Learning Experience
Conference co-chairs, and panelists Lois Schlissel, JD, Humera Qazi ’93 MBA, and LeeAnn Black ’83 share their insights on adapting to change during the “Shift Happens” panel at the Women’s Leadership Conference.

Panelists Christine M. Riordan, PhD, Lois Schlissel, JD, Humera Qazi ’93 MBA, and LeeAnn Black ’83 share their insights on adapting to change during the “Shift Happens” panel at the Women’s Leadership Conference.

Women’s Leadership Conference

On this annual day of learning and networking, exceptional alumni and community members across industries share experiences and advice on how to thrive in today’s ever-changing world.

Success in business comes from a desire to constantly learn, adapt and innovate. Embrace change, never stop growing, make an impact….A simple but effective rule to follow is to always lead with the 3 “Cs” – confidence, competence and credibility”.

Humera Qazi '93 Women's Leadership Conference speaker and managing director at Morgan Stanley

Alumni: We Invite You to Be Part of Our Students’ Future

Your gift to the Robert B. Willumstad Student Success Fund, and your participation in Adelphi’s Corporate Partnership Program, gives you and your organization many ways to make an impact in our business students’ lives.
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