Willumstad School’s DEIB Council promotes a sense of belonging.

Robert B. Willumstad School of Business (WSB) Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Council, established in 2020, engages in activities to create and maintain a culture of inclusion that provides a sense of belonging for all.

The council is made up of volunteer members of the WSB faculty and staff, who meet on a regular basis each month. As part of the Willumstad School’s regular faculty meetings, we share bias/implicit bias behavior experienced by faculty members.

The WSB council has also created a student task force to further the mission of diversity, equity and inclusion, for example, by regularly discussing opportunities to incorporate DEIB ideals into its curriculum and student services.

The establishment of a high school mentoring program is another initiative of the council. Willumstad School faculty look to collaborate with local area high schools to motivate their students in underserved communities to pursue higher education opportunities.

WSB DEIB Council Mission Statement

The WSB DEI council is committed to providing our students with an increased understanding of DEIB issues that affect the workplace. This includes engaging our students, faculty and administrative staff in meaningful dialogue and activities on the subject of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging that fosters successful decision making and enhances the learning environment and outcomes of our students.

The council underscores the importance of advancing an understanding of diversity to reflect the changing demographics of the population and the growing globalization of society.

In support of this mission and the Adelphi strategic plan on DEIB, the council makes recommendations to the Dean.

Council Meetings

The council holds monthly meetings.

We are always actively seeking new members as we continue to grow the WSB Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council. We also recognize that there are others who want to be an “ally” to the Council and this work, so we also encourage them to come forward and be recognized.

To become a member of the WSB Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Council, please contact the chairperson directly.

Council Accomplishments

  1. Faculty Meeting DEI Initiatives: Regular WSB faculty meetings include a DEI component that includes sharing of bias/implicit bias behavior experienced by faculty members.
  2. Student Events and Outreach Subcommittee: student task force created to further our mission of diversity equity and inclusion.
  3. Established the program for the mentoring of local high school students under-represented in higher education; the ‘High School Student Development Program – a Mentoring Initiative.’ Pilot school planned for Fall 2022.
  4. Developed the ‘Two Museums Program.’ A trip to Washington DC for Black and Jewish students. Planned for Spring 2023.
  5. Faculty meeting visit from ADIT (A. Mungai).
  6. Continued initiatives from the previous year, (Artifacts review, CORE training, Winning Edge, Curriculum worksheet).
  1. Artifacts Review: audit of the artifacts in WSB Hagedorn Hall: ensuring that all artifacts support the ideas of diversity and inclusion.
  2. Created WSB DEI Website with Mission Statement for both the council and the school.
  3. Curriculum Audit Worksheet: the business school faculty input on how their curriculum reflects the ideals of DEI.
  4. Scheduled students for CORE training. Both Safe Zone and CORE trainings are now required for the completion of the Leadership Certificate Program.
  5. Began development of pilot program with local HS for the WSB DEI Council HSSDP: High School Student Development Program – a Mentoring Initiative.
  6. Willumstad Winning Edge (WWE) Diversity Component: Created a WWE diversity component that includes research on how other schools are incorporating DEI initiatives/requirements into their comparable co-curricular programs.

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