For Adelphi students, the option to do breakthrough research is life-changing.

As part of our personalized approach to learning, Adelphi offers both undergraduate and graduate students a full range of exceptional research opportunities, helping students to think critically, pursue an area of interest or discover a career path.

Making discoveries. Making a difference. Making your career.

Adelphi students traveled to Alaska to participate in an ongoing research program and experience unspoiled wilderness, acquire important technological skills using state-of-the-art research technologies, and learn the fundamentals of archaeological excavation.

Adelphi undergraduate and graduate students are changing the world through their contributions to the research community. Whether they’re assisting expert faculty on their latest research initiatives or experimenting, building and creating on their own, intellectual curiosity is strong among Adelphi students.

From a senior thesis to a PhD dissertation, these unique learning experiences prepare tomorrow’s scientists, doctors, therapists, performers, creators and other professionals for careers of purpose. 

We share and celebrate Adelphi student research annually at our Scholarship and Creative Works Conference, known affectionately as Research Day. It’s what Associate Professor and Chair of Physics Matthew J. Wright calls, “Adelphi’s best day of the year.”

Being immersed in research alone is contributing to my growth as a clinician. All of my clinical decisions have been influenced by evidence-based practice. I appreciated the research opportunities [at Adelphi] because they gave me the chance to…deepen my understanding of why research is important and why clinicians need to seek out research to inform their practice.

Kayla Franks MS in Communication Disorders: Speech-Language Pathology '18

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

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