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Adelphi Administration Works to Balance Uneven Major Enrollment

Males are more than 50 percent of the enrollment for 8 out of the 20 majors, according to a report provided to The Delphian by the Office of Admissions, including business, computer science and sports management. Our reporter looks at this gender imbalance and finds out what the administration has been doing to even enrollment out.

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The Delphian staff holding awards in front of a Press Club of Long Island (PCLI) banner

The Delphian staff took home eight awards, including three first-place trophies and two scholarship wins at the annual ceremony of the Press Club of Long Island (PCLI), a local chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. At the June 2 event, Katherine Farkas won first place as the Best College Newspaper Reporter and Maxmillian Robinson ’22 took…

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