Pursue your interests through psychology independent study.

The purpose of independent study is to allow students to pursue academic interests that may not be adequately covered by or available within the regular course offerings. Students who demonstrate the ability to undertake independent study may engage in intensive psychology research or in a project on a topic of merit and originality under the sponsorship of a faculty member.

Independent study is open to junior and senior undergraduate psychology students and graduate psychology students. Students may take up to 12 credits of independent study toward their undergraduate degree or 6 credits toward their graduate degree. Students should consult with their academic advisers about the regulations governing independent study. Permission forms are available from the psychology department office located in Blodgett Hall Room 212.

Students interested in undertaking independent study should consult with a faculty member or the department chair. Requests submitted by the adviser or faculty member are approved by the department chair, and then go to the dean for approval.

The faculty member must submit the following information on behalf of the student:

  1. Requirements to be completed demonstrating successful completion (e.g., case studies, papers)
  2. Readings, where appropriate, or review of the literature
  3. Whether the faculty member is seeking workload credit
  4. Number of course credits and hours of work per week or semester
  5. Evaluation method

Requests for independent study must demonstrate that the amount of work to be done is equivalent to what would be done in a regular course. For example, a 3 credit Independent Study request should demonstrate that 45 hours of work will be done in addition to assignments, research and/or readings, as would be expected in a regular course.

Independent Study must be graded and may not be taken for pass/fail. Students can take Independent Study from 1-3 credits. Requests for independent study beyond 3 credits will need approval from the provost.

Required courses may not be taken as independent study. An exception may be made when a required course is not being offered in the student’s last semester, or if two required courses are being offered at the same time in the student’s last semester.

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