Dedicated to providing high quality, affordable mental healthcare.

The Center for Psychological Services offers a range of specialized treatment programs for children, adolescents and adults. Services include individual, couple, and group therapy to members of the community.

Center for Psychological Services Staff

Therapists are in full-time residence while earning an Adelphi University Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Carefully selected from hundreds of applicants, they represent a diverse range of cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

Services provided by Center for Psychological Services

The Center for Psychological Services provides high quality, low-cost services at three clinic locations: Garden City Campus, Adelphi’s Manhattan Center, and Hempstead*.

Services include:

  • Individual psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, and children
  • Family psychotherapy for all ages
  • Couple psychotherapy
  • Comprehensive psychological assessments for academic, learning, emotional, and behavioral difficulties for all ages

Psychotherapy services address the needs of adults experiencing a variety of difficulties, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, personality disorders, traumatic life events, and relationship impasses.

Examples of difficulties experienced by children or adolescents and their families that are treated at our clinics are: attention problems, anxiety and specific phobias (e.g., social anxiety), depression, grief, behavioral problems, peer difficulties, and parenting challenges.

*Note that the Hempstead location is a specialty clinic serving only children, adolescents, and their families.

Group Treatment Program for Eating Disorders

Feeling out of control with eating-related behavior? Each group is run by two advanced Adelphi University doctoral candidates under the supervision of senior faculty.

Meeting on Mondays from 7:00 p.m.–8:30 p.m. and Wednesdays from 6:00 p.m.– 7:30 p.m.

Who is this program for?

Our members are from both the surrounding community and the University.

Current and past group members have come to work on overeating (binge eating disorder), restricting (anorexia), and purging (bulimia or exercise bulimia). Many are working to address a combination of these symptoms and accompanying issues including body dissatisfaction, family conflicts, and adjustment to work.

Most participants have had prior treatment either in an inpatient unit or intensive outpatient treatment program, or from practitioners in private practice. Some are still symptomatic, and struggling to stay in recovery.

All group members are also receiving individual treatment. If you are not currently seeing someone, we can arrange for a therapist through our clinic, or provide referrals to practitioners in the community.

How does group therapy work for ED?

We try to focus on the difficult feelings that trigger eating disorder symptoms, and find new ways of addressing them. Stress, sadness, anger, and feeling let down are just a few examples of challenging feelings that can lead to eating disorder symptoms. By learning new ways of managing these feelings, participants gradually lessen their desire or need to use food to control symptoms. Group members work with the therapists and with each other to develop new coping strategies.

Group members report they derive many benefits from coming to group, including:

  • Feeling understood by people who have similar struggles
  • Knowing they are not alone with eating disorder symptoms
  • Having a place where they can feel accepted and talk without feeling judged
  • Learning about their personal triggers to eating disorder symptoms
  • Having a forum to try out new or difficult behavior, like being direct about feelings and needs.
  • Feeling proud about being able to help others

Psychotherapy Group for Adults with Anxiety

Experiencing symptoms of anxiety? Each group is run by two advanced Adelphi University doctoral candidates under the supervision of senior faculty.

Meeting on Wednesdays from 6:00 p.m.–7:30 p.m.
Hy Weinberg Center
158 Cambridge Avenue
Garden City, NY 11530

Who is this program for?

This weekly therapy group is for adults aged 18 and older who are experiencing anxiety and who wish to further explore these feelings in a group setting. Anxiety can include frequent worrying, feeling extremely shy around others, overwhelming fears of losing control of yourself, being excessively afraid of certain situations or tasks, thinking frequently about the same thing over and over again.

Those who are receiving individual psychotherapy are also encouraged to inquire.

Fees and Payments

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There is no fee for Adelphi University students.

Fees and Payments

There is no fee for Adelphi University students.

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