Doctoral Study in Psychology

Doctoral Study in Psychology

One of the nation’s top doctoral programs, offering candidates in clinical and school psychology an education integrating research, theory and clinical practice.

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Prepare for a career in clinical psychology or school psychology at a school dedicated to scholarship and committed to preparing graduates for a changing society.

Dedicated Scholars and Mentors

The Derner School of Psychology’s faculty is distinguished for its scholarly contributions to the fields of clinical and school psychology. Our faculty members are also dedicated teachers and mentors, inspiring students in their research and preparing them for rewarding careers as practitioners.

Doctoral Program Faculty

Earn your doctorate at Adelphi University which is long recognized as a center for psychoanalytic thought and a leading contributor to the practice of psychotherapy.

Our doctoral psychology is based on the scholar-practitioner model, providing our students with a strong foundation in theory and research as well as extensive training in Derner clinics, externships, internships and local schools. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, skills and experience to excel as a psychologist in a changing society.


Reflecting on my time at Derner, I am filled with profound gratitude. Here, I have been blessed to receive unwavering support from the administration, invaluable mentorship from faculty, and, perhaps most importantly, genuine friendship from my peers. Throughout my journey, I have felt both celebrated and challenged, not only as a student but, more significantly, as a human being.

Anne-Marie Romain student in the Clinical Psychology PhD program

Hands-on Training and Experiences

Clinicals, Externships and Internships

Rigorous training is central to each of our psychology doctoral programs. Students receive extensive clinical training, externships and internships preparing them for professional practice. A research practicum is also part of the training program in clinical psychology. Teaching fellowships are available for those interested in a career in higher education.

Derner Training Facilities

As a doctoral student, you will have the opportunity to train at Derner School of Psychology community treatment centers that provide affordable psychological services to individuals of all ages, families, couples and groups. Our Center for Psychological Services offers specialized treatment programs on campus in Garden City and in New York City, and at the Derner Child and Family Center on Long Island.

An Emphasis on Research

Our commitment to the scholar-practitioner model makes research an integral part of the Derner School of Psychology’s doctoral programs. Student research covers a wide range of areas, including unconscious processes, the therapeutic alliance, trauma, personality assessment, multicultural psychology, decision-making, and addictive disorders. Students work closely with faculty members, often co-authoring scholarly articles in prominent journals.

Teaching Fellowships

Doctoral students interested in a career in higher education can receive comprehensive training through a teaching fellowship. Our program offers instruction and classroom experience, helping students build practical teaching skills and gain pedagogical insights.

Awards & Recognition

Mentoring Future Psychologists

Doctoral students in psychology have the opportunity to serve as mentors in the Mentoring Future Psychologists (MFP) Program, which provides culturally responsive guidance and support for undergraduate psychology students who identify as part of historically underrepresented groups.

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