The undergraduate internship program at the Derner School of Psychology is designed to provide practical experience for students looking to continue their studies at the graduate level.

We’re dedicated to the furtherance of psychology by thoroughly preparing students to be competitive in their scholarly commitments. Internships are important in aiding students in their quest to further their knowledge in clinical, school and/or research settings.

Psychology majors are required to participate in a Senior Experience Applied (SEA) course and may use the internship to meet the degree requirements.

Internship placements have included:

Steps for Entering the Internship

  1. Student fills out and submits an application for the course
  2. Psychology department approves or denies the application
  3. Student interviews for an internship and lets the Professor know where and what they will be doing at the site
  4. Professor approves the internship or lets the student know it isn’t suitable
  5. Student accepts the internship if offered the position
  6. Student begins course and internship
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