Honors College students undertake research projects in any discipline. You’ll dive deeper into your interests and develop your talents through research fellowships, internships and study abroad opportunities.

Our students work with faculty mentors in labs, in the library, in clinical settings, and abroad to develop research projects that engage them and become high-quality honors theses. There are several options for funded summer research and for sharing the results of research with the campus and broader communities.

Summer Research Scholarships

Engage in academic research and scholarly exploration and apply your intellectual and creative talents in your chosen field.

Thesis Highlights

Students present their work in the spring of their final year at Adelphi at the Research and Creative Works Conference and are encouraged to take their research beyond the campus and attend the Northeast Regional Honors Council and meetings in their academic disciplines.

Academic Prizes

Each year the Honors College recognizes the students who wrote the best theses in different fields of study.


The Honors College journal of ideas, which is composed and edited by our students.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be a transformative experience, and is encouraged for Honors College students.

Research and Creative Works Conference

An annual day of academic discovery at Adelphi. If you are interested in presenting, contact your faculty adviser or mentor and begin working on your research or scholarship project.

There are a lot of pre-med/pre-pa students in the Honors College, which would make you think that it’s a competitive environment. We all want the same thing, and that’s to go above and beyond to get into medical school or PA school. But, it’s exactly this drive that causes us to encourage and help out each other, instead of competing with one another.

Nicole Basilan ’22 Molecular Neuroscience major
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