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We are a close-knit community of students from virtually every major whose love of learning is matched by a passion for sharing ideas. We’re a community guided by faculty members and alumni mentors who are dedicated to our success in school and in our careers.

As a member of our community, you’ll embark on a college journey filled with challenging academics, high-level research opportunities and exciting cultural activities. You’ll explore topics that have fascinated thinkers for centuries in small, interdisciplinary seminars. You’ll experience the best New York City has to offer in group excursions to museums and theaters. And you’ll complete your Honors College journey working with a faculty adviser on a senior thesis that expresses your intellectual interests.

A Tight Community

Learning from Experience

Alumnus Dr. Peter Vellis ’96, DDS, an oral surgeon and Navy vet, returned to Adelphi University mentor aspiring dentists. Sharing his journey, Dr. Vellis highlighted non-traditional paths and the importance of perseverance—fostering connections and inspiring future dental leaders. Meet Dr. Vellis

An Alumni Mentor

When current senior Danelya Zholdasbekova interned at a financial management company, she found a mentor in Honors College alumnus Michael Khayan ’15. The experience showed her how important Honors College connections are—and reminded Michael of how well-prepared Honors College students are. Meet Them

A Creative Dialogue

When computer science major Kaitlyn Brooks ’22 began planning her Honors thesis on digital art technology, she chose an art professor, Hannah S. Allen, as her adviser. Their dialogue between tech and art mirrored the interdisciplinary approach taken in all Honors College courses and was an eye-opening experience for student and teacher. Meet Them

Lifelong Connections

After graduating from Harvard Law School, John Miller ’12 organized a group of fellow Honors College grads who attended prestigious law schools to serve as mentors for Honors undergraduates. Rachel Vacca ’19 was just one of the students who achieved her dream with support from this network of helpful alumni. Meet Them
Adelphi University honors students in Time Square in NYC.

A World of Cultural Experiences

Cultural events are central to the Honors College experience, part of your exploration of the world of ideas and creative expression. Each semester, you’ll go with fellow students to New York City’s world-famous museums and theaters for cultural experiences you’ll never forget—often taking advantage of $10 tickets to major Broadway shows, operas, concerts, plays and dance performances.

Honors College Annual Report Cover: 2023

A Quest for Excellence

Read the 2023 Honors College Annual Report to stay up-to-date on what our outstanding students and world-class faculty have been up to—both in the classroom and beyond.

A Passion for Research

Sarah Joy Gallardo, a neuroscience major and Honors College student, took advantage of applied science research opportunities at Adelphi. Sarah is featured in the Spring 2022 episode of The College Tour on Amazon Prime.

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The Honors College is deeply committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, and our student body, extracurricular offerings and curriculum reflect a diverse range of identities, histories, and experiences.

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