We are highly dedicated undergraduate scientists, artists, educators and scholars who are actively engaged in research, discovery, and the quest for knowledge.

The Honors College is a community that puts experiential learning over siloed thinking, branching out into a variety of campus and professional avenues to absorb, discuss and reflect.

A Close-Knit Community

The Honors community is closely integrated because students take some of the same classes, share the same common spaces, and attend Honors cultural events together.

Cultural Experiences and Events

With New York City a short train ride away, Honors students have long taken advantage of the available museums, theaters and concert halls. On Adelphi’s campus, Honors students enjoy, support and participate in live and screened opera and theater events as well as performances like the Jazz Ensemble and Best of Broadway.

Mentoring and Networking in the Honors Community

A strong network of honors alumni and professors are here to offer invaluable advice and guidance to help your reach your goals and grow intellectually.

Honors College Student Council

All Honors students may join the Honors College Student Council, which sponsors activities and serves as a peer-to-peer resource.

Study Abroad

We encourage our students to take the opportunity to study abroad. Broaden your perspective, explore research for your senior thesis, and gain a more nuanced understanding of international topics.

Diverse and Inclusive

Adelphi is a national leader in diversity and inclusion. Students of all cultures, genders, beliefs and backgrounds can feel a sense of belonging at our Honors College.

Earle Hall

Adelphi University is one of only a handful of institutions in the nation that offers a dedicated space to our honors program. We’ll be your home away from home whether you are a resident or a commuter.

24/7 Amenities

All members of the Honors community have 24/7 access to the Honors College, which has its own classrooms, lounge, library, piano practice room, and computer labs with printers.

Residential Life

Honors students living on campus can be part of the first-year honors community on Earle Hall’s first floor, while upper-division students live in honors suites. The Honors College staff works closely with the Residence Director in Earle Hall to devise meaningful programming open to all honors students.

I made some of my best friends here and was able to travel to Italy with two of them to take courses for the Honors College.

Nandini Jojode ’22 Biology major in Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine's 3+4 program

Extraordinary Cultural Experiences

Several times each semester, the Honors College invites students to make New York City their classroom.
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