As one of the requirements for an Honors College diploma, every senior must undertake a year-long thesis project.

For this project, students focus on the skills they have learned during the core courses and seminars and apply them to an original, extended research project.

Thesis Process

Students will begin their thesis work in the second semester of the junior year, under the direction of a faculty adviser. The project is completed in the student’s final semester when they present the results of their research to the campus community.

The nature of the individual project depends on the discipline:

  • Students in the sciences typically write an extended lab report, detailing extensive lab research and including a general 10-15 page introduction and relevant bibliography;
  • Students in the social sciences and the humanities generally develop research and/or critical work, approximately 50 pages long, that presents an original argument situated with a comprehensive literature review and thorough bibliography;
  • Students in the arts—including graphic design, performing arts, studio art, and creative writing—will often develop a substantial new work in their field that will be accompanied by a 10-15 page critical introduction and supporting bibliography.

Thesis Guidelines

View the current guidelines, deadlines, and forms for the Honors College Thesis.

Thesis Highlights

Students present their work in the spring of their final year at Adelphi at the Research and Creative Works Conference and are encouraged to take their research beyond the campus and attend the Northeast Regional Honors Council and meetings in their academic disciplines.

View 2021 Thesis Prize Recipients 

Honors College Thesis Titles

Jonathan Aronov, thesis advisor Professor Brian Stockman 
Assessing potential inhibitors of Trichomonas vaginalis and determining compound safety in Drosophila melanogaster

Carson Bailey, thesis advisor Professor Kelly Swartz
Last [Disempowered Person] Standing: Identity in the Battle Royale Narrative Formula

Marcello Bellia, thesis advisor Professor Joseph Celentano
Money In Youth Sports and its Effects

Ally Buettel, thesis advisor Professor Marisa D. Abram
The Detrimental Effects of Childhood Experiences and the Significance of Trauma-Informed Care for Nurses

Nicholas Caramihai, thesis advisor Professor Carolyn Bauer
Stress Response of Degu (Octodon Degus) Pups to maternal Separation at Various Stages of Postnatal Development, as Indicated by Play Frequency Behavior

Megan Clifford, thesis advisor Lahney Preston-Matto
Eventualities: A Critical Amplification of Contemporary Issues through Science Fiction

Megan Ferguson, thesis advisor Robert Bradley
The Suan shu shu and the Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art: A Comparison

Avery Gaeta, thesis advisor Nathan George 
Predictors of success in second language learning

Fiona Govin, thesis advisor Kelly Swartz
Into the Oblivion: Drawing the Depths of Dante’s Inferno

Julia Griffo, thesis advisor Ana I. Simon Alegre
Transgressive Spanish Women and Their Agencies through the Lens of the Film Industries of Spain and United States

Janet Ilyayev, thesis advisor Edwin-Nikko Kabigting
Issues and Trends of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Nursing Perspective on Stress and Recommendations Moving Forward.

Nandini Jojode, thesis advisor Lawrence Hobbie
Analysis of the Function of the LSH3 Gene in Growth of Arabidopsis Thaliana

Maria Giovanna Jumper, thesis advisor Mariano Torras
Environmental Economics and Policy and Global Water Insecurity

Rebecca Justiniano, thesis advisor Jan-Henry Gray
El Puente: A Historical Novella Set in 1928 Puerto Rico

Allen Karimov, thesis advisor Hannah M. Cates
The Effects of Cocaine Addiction on the LNCRNA in the Hippocampus

Abraham Kariyev, thesis advisor William Jacobowitz
Factors Associated with Mental Health Symptoms Among College- Aged Students During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic

Nicole Katsanis, thesis advisor Laura Brumariu
The effects of parental romantic attachment on the emotional socialization of their children

Aadil Khan, thesis advisor Dominic Fareri
The Temporal Dynamics of the Neural Response to Social Rewards

Nurjahan Khan, thesis advisor Hannah Allen
Moments of Pause: An Exploration of Public Installation Art

Tereza Kuzmina, thesis advisor Dominic Fareri
Choosing for Friends Relative to Strangers in Need Decreases Risky Decision-Making

Alina Larina, thesis advisor Lawrence Hobbie
The Harmful Systematic Conditions That Are Linked to Periodontal Disease

Virginia Maloney, thesis advisor Terrence Ross
The Life, Death, and After-Life of the Western Film: How A Genre Creates and Responds to National Culture and Politics

Ravyn Malvino, thesis advisor Matthew Wright
Starting a Science Blog During a Pandemic

Danielle Mark, thesis advisor Michael D’Emic
The Evolution of Dental Tissues in the First Mammalian Megaherbivore

Maggie Matassa, thesis advisor Sokthan Yeng
Philosophy of the Body: a Philosophical Perspective as Aid to the Progression of the Western Health Paradigm

Monica Mattei, thesis advisor Winston Waters
The Remote Work Experiment: An Analysis of the Rise and Impact of the New Working Normal

Catherin Murphy, thesis advisor Arthur Leibowitz
The Evolution of Free Agency in Baseball

Samantha Napoli, thesis advisor Lauren Gonzales
Workaholism in Undergraduate College Students

Eric Nelson, thesis advisor Anil Venkatesh
What Makes a Video Game a Roguelike?

Jenna Piller, thesis advisor Michael Wentz
Business and Corona Virus: The New Normal

Sandra Pinto, thesis advisor Alexander Heyl
Studying the evolution of cytokinin signaling using the green algae Coleochaete scutate

Brandon Ram, thesis advisor Aaren Freeman
Biocontrol in Aquaculture

Christopher Ricca, thesis advisor Nicholas Koumiadis
Beyond the Numbers: Are Ethics and Fraud ‘Accounted’ for in the Business World?

Julio RuizDiaz, thesis advisor Brian Wygal
Human Paleoecology of the Terminal Pleistocene and Early Holocene of the Greater Tanana Valley, Alaska circa 22-9ka

Emma Ryan, thesis advisor Eugenia Villa-Cuesta
A review of investigations into rapamycin’s mechanism of action and utility as a treatment for succinate dehydrogenase deficiency in a Drosophila melanogaster model

Sarah Shin, thesis advisor Regina-Aexlrod
A Case Study Analysis of the Anti-Defamation League’s work in Public Policy through the lens of John Kingdon’s Public Policy Model

Ilana Stukal, thesis advisor Carolyn Bauer
Impacts of Cross-Fostering on Octodon degu mothers

Samantha Tannenbaum, thesis advisor Melissa A. Van Alstine Parris
Converting a Chirality Experiment to be Inquiry-Based and Virtual

Tina Tudisco, thesis advisor Michael LaCombe
Which Witch is Which? A Study of Witch Trials Comparing an Italian to an American Example

Paul Venturi, thesis advisor Justyna Widera-Kalinowska
Electrochemical Synthesis of Tungsten Trioxide and Optimization of Its Photocatalytic Ability Through Creation of Hybrids with Gold Nanoparticles

Gabriela Vidad, thesis advisor Matthew Wright
Exploring and Communicating the Severity of Coral Reef Changes in the Philippines Using Remote Sensing and Widely Available Resources

Juliana Yee, thesis advisor Michael Matto
The Relationship Between Science and Literature: A Reflection of Society’s Attitude Towards the Sciences, and Path Towards a more Interdisciplinary Science

Eleni Zamagias, thesis advisor Joshua Hiller
Mathematics in Epidemiology: An Early Review of Responses to COVID-19 by Institutions of Higher Education

Jacqueline Zito, thesis advisor Karen Wallace
Assessing the Effectiveness of the Going Concern Disclosure



Panayotis Baki Agelarakis, thesis advisor Professor Katie Laatikainen
The Migrant Crisis and Nationalist Responses in Europe

Marissa Campano, thesis advisor Professor Steven Cox
A Systematic Review of Voice Disorders in Children

Serena Chen, thesis advisor Professor Sokthan Yeng
Language and the Conscious Mind: Epistemological Concerns of Text-Analysis in Psychotherapy Research

Jessica Colonna, thesis advisor Professor Dale Flashner
Horrifically Female The Role of Women in the Horror Film Industry and its Reflection on Society

Kellyann Coveny, thesis advisor Professor Kelley Nassief
The Magic of Musical Interpretation and Expression

Karli Cox, thesis advisor Professor Shilpi Sinha
Curriculum Embedded Social and Emotional Learning in English Language Arts

Erin Cullen, thesis advisor Professor Nicole Rudolph
From Irish Immigrants to Irish-Americans: The Evolution of “Irishness” in the United States from the 1910s-1960s”

Patryk Czyzo, thesis advisor Professor Mark Grabowski
Determining the Impact of Institutional Investors on Bitcoin

Sabrina Davis, thesis advisor Professor Michael LaCombe
A Series of Unfortunate Events: Understanding the Lives of Ordinary Colonial Women through Unusual Circumstances

Thomas Dayton, thesis advisor Professor Lee Stemkoski
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gambling: Why “Loot Boxes” Negatively Affect Consumers, Developers, and Publishers

Meagan Demaria, thesis advisor Professor Craig Carson
The Political Impacts of Climate Change: Narratives in Literature and Art”

Michael Ducker, thesis advisor Professor Craig Carson
Ecology, Oil, and Chronotopes: On Reza Negarestanis “Cyclonopedia” in the context of Ecocriticism

Emily Dunlop, thesis advisor Professor Spurgeon Thompson

Emily Farrell, thesis advisor Professor Hanna Kim
Technology and Humanness: A Media Ecological Study of Organ Transplant and Death in the 21st Century

Ariyana Felician, thesis advisor Professor Laraine Wallowitz
Tracking, teacher expectations, and cultural bias: examining minority student participation in upper level courses in public schools

Frederick Grimshaw, thesis advisor Professor Celeste Kaufman
Feminist, Trailblazer, or True Woman: An Analysis of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s Contributions to American Society Through Her Life, Career, and Decisions

Dori-Jo GuterrezStories of Women in Greek Mythology: Modern Feminist Retellings Through Original Songs

Janice Im, thesis advisor Professor Erin Heisel
Preadolescent conduct problems,empathy, attachment security with their mother, and collaborative decision-making

Andrew Jacobson, thesis advisor Professor Robert Goldberg
Rethinking the Student Debt Crisis: Income Share Agreements

Seo Rin Celine Jeong, thesis advisor Professor Alan Schoenfeld
Horrifically The Effects of Knockdowns of the Pyruvate Kinase Isoform, PKM2, On VHL- and VHL+ Kidney Cancer Cells.

David King, thesis advisor Professor Terrence Ross
Look at her”: Function and Effect of Contemporary American English Gendered Slang

Eleni Kokoris, thesis advisor Professor Kees Leune
Improving Phishing Awareness Through Gamification Techniques

 Emily Lawrence, thesis advisor Professor Ryan Ehrhart
“Ethnics and Our Global Food System”

Alexandra Lombino, thesis advisor Professor Kelly Swartz
Mother as Writer, Writer as Mother: Challenging the Traditional Family in Ferrante’s Neapolitan Quartet

Brigid Lynn, thesis advisor Professor Jacqueline Olvera
Class, Capital, and Political Engagement Among Panhellenic Sorority Women

Alecia Lyseight,thesis advisor Professor Laura Brumariu
The Relations of Maternal Role-Confusion and Maternal Emotion Regulation with Preadolescent Behavioral Problems

Emma Martin, thesis advisor Professor Todd Vanidestine
The impact of social and political factors regarding self-disclosure of sexual orientation on Adelphi University undergraduate students

Marisa McLeod, thesis advisor Professor Justyna Widera-Kalinowska
Photocatalytic Degradation of Hazardous Wastes using Tungsten Trioxide Based Hybrids 

Stephanie Milillo, thesis advisor Professor Steven Cox
Voice Characteristics of Female College Athletes

Kalei Mills, thesis advisor Professor Janet Schoepflin
Origins of Performance Outcome Differences in Children with Cochlear Implants

Donato Moneta, thesis advisor Professor Arthur Leibowitz
The Impact of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on the Individual Taxpayer & The American economy

Iffat Naveed, thesis advisor Professor Maryanne Hyland
Challenges in Measuring Organizational Impact Within Nonprofits

Alyssa Paciullo, thesis advisor Professor Michael Matto
Contemporary Fairy Tale Adaptations: Tales and Reality Meet in the Woods

Lauren Redford, thesis advisor Professor Michael Matto
Social Media’s Effect on the Semantics and Etymology of Slang

Julia Rietbroek, thesis advisor Professor Hanna Kim
Mapping Experience in Tourism: A Case Study of Scotland, 2000-2020

Dominique Sarcona, thesis advisor Professor Michael LaCombe
Is This All?” Domesticity in White America, 1945-1965

Alison Schoeder, thesis advisor Professor Ruth Coffey
The Interconnection of Ecofeminism & Vegetarianism: How They Can Save the Environment

Rebecca Schoenfeld, thesis advisor Professor Katherine Fiori
All Social Media is Not Created Equal: How Finsta and Instagram Use Differ in Their Relationships With Loneliness and Social Engagement

Matthew Schroh, thesis advisor Professor Michael LaCombe
Chinese Reforms of the Nanjing Decade: Nationalist and Communist Efforts behind Reform Pursuit

Rebekah Shin, thesis advisor Professor Melissa Van Alstine Parris
Synthesis of Phenyl Pyridine Derivatives and their Inhibitory Activity on Adenosine/ Guanosine – Nucleoside Ribohydrolase (AGNH)

Jenna Shipley, thesis advisor Professor Kelly Swartz
The Neapolitan Quartet: Conveying the Realities of the Feminine Mystique

Tara Sirotkin, thesis advisor Professor Marissa Abram
Current Issues in the Nursing Care of Eating Disorders

Christina Sullivan, thesis advisor Professor Tuval Foguel
Construction of Sudoku Puzzles and Their History

Jade Tabor, thesis advisor Professor Matthew Lavery
“The consequences of the commodification of education: A Market Comparison”

 Olivia Tcholakian, thesis advisor Professor Alex Neitzke
Looking at the Ethics of Big Data: An Analysis of the Moral Implications of Current Data Practices

Eric Vonczerniewicz, double major with Philosophy, thesis advisor Professor Shawn Kaplan
A Practical Approach to the Question of Responsibility Regarding Climate change

Malcolm Woodard, thesis advisor Professor Margaret Gray
How a well-meaning rule change became an attack on the agricultural community

Lila Woodbridge, double major with Psychology, thesis advisor Professor Joy McClure
Attachment Style, Stress, and Media Preferences

Deborah Yanez, thesis advisor Professor Justyna Widera-Kalinowska
Exploring the Efficacy of Rote vs. Note: An Authoethnography of a Senior Recital

Kelly Zhu, thesis advisor Professor Heather Waters
WO3 Hybrids and their and their applications for the photocatalytic degradtion of p-substitutes phenois

Rheanna Zotto, thesis advisor Professor Heather Waters
“The Pedagogical Implications of Repertaire Quality and Choice: A Case Study of an undergraduate Soprano”

Ryan Barrett – Application and Implementation of Augmented Reality

Justin Bergson – Teaching Spanish Inclusively: A Spanish Teacher’s Dilemma and How to Combat Gendered Languages in the Classroom

Tasha Berol – Staged Violence: A Historical and Practical Evaluation of Stage Combat

Valerie Buonaiuto – I + E: Educating & Raising Awareness About Introversion & Extroversion

Elizabeth Butler – Mistreatment of Older Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease

Jessica Campitiello – Technology and Theatre: How Modern Advances in Technology Have Altered the Ways in Which Messages Are Sent and Received

Connor Coupe – United States Arms Exports to Iraq

Caitlin Cronin – Music to my Ears: How the Correlation Between Music and Language can Possibly Help Children with Specific Language Impairment

David Navindra – Utility of Hypervalent Iodine in Organic Synthesis

Nicholas DeMarco – Assessment of Undergraduate Curriculum Using Statistical Methods

Aliyyah Dewji – The Association Between Depression and Seizure Disorders: The Neuro Transmitter That Are Present in Both Disorders

Muhammad Zaarir Dulloo – The Association Between Depression and Seizure Disorders: The Neuro Transmitter That Are Present in Both Disorders

Ahmed Ellahie – The Association Between Depression and Seizure Disorders: The Neuro Transmitter That Are Present in Both Disorders

Arthur Fain – Development of Novel Hypervalent Iodine Regents

Benjamin Feldman – Despite Everything

Sarah Ferraro – Demanding Perfection From The Perspective of Transformational Leadership: The Management Practices, Leadership Principles, and Core Values of Hyman G. Rickover

Rachel Foley – The Impact of Technology on the Accounting Industry

Ryan Foley – The Effects of Visual Marketing and the Impact of Evolving Technology

Jami Glatter – How Has Fake News Became a Political Tool with Real Consequences

Nicole Grace – Human Trafficking in the United States

Victoria Grodzki – Nonpharmacologic Interventions to Slow Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease-A Look into Music Therapy, Nutrition & Physical Exercises

Danielle Grushkovsky – The Transgenerational Effects of Rapamycin on Drosophila Melanogaster

Oman Hameed – Why Narrative Matters: Empathy and Death in Modern Medicine

Joseph Hoeffner – Shared Stories, Essays, and Music: A Creative Writers Approach to Listening

Anika Husain – First Generation College Students: Retention Rates Campus Involvement, and Career Outcomes

Samantha Irace – Nonword Repetition in Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Kristina Joo – Nonword Repetition in Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Abinash Kaur – Molecular Modeling & NMR-based Counter Screens of Fragments Inhibitors of Trichomonas Vaginaltis Adenosine/Guanosine Nucleoside Ribohydroase

Morcel Khwajazadah – The Effect of Metabolic Intermediates on the Viability of HL & VHL Cells

Atanas Lapchev – “Knowledge Presentation” A Formalization of knowledge Sharing between multiple individuals

Elizabeth Levner – Open Eyes: a narrative in progress

Vinay Maddula – Computational Studies of aB-Tubulin and its Role in Breast Cancer Metastasis

Stephanie Malcangi – Maternal Stress is related with decreased play behavior in Octodon degus pups

Danielle McDougall – Situating the Tribe: How the African Diaspora Uses Literature to Grapple with Epistemicide

Sophie Meyers – False Memories and the Misinformation Effect: Impacts on Classroom Learning

Areej Mohini – Impact of incline during terrestrial locomotion in South American lung fish

Catherine Olsen – The Sorrow and the Pity: A study of Shifting Memory in France

Victoria Ouzounian – How do people regulate important goals? Exploring construal level and goal hierarchies

Priya Patel – Analysis of Cytokinins Signaling Arabidopsis

Matthew Petrouskie – Recessions and Depressions: An Economic Comparison of the Great Depression and Great Recession and their respective aftermaths

Manasa Pisipati – Osteoporosis and Calcium

Erica Redmann – Effects of substrateon terrestrial locomotion in Lung Fish

Aria Saltini – Musicals and the Transitional Roles of Women

Katelin Smith – “HEEL” Healing, Empowering & Enhancing Lives

Lucas Sullivan-Barrale – For the Love of God! An original one-act musical Comedy

Jack Thomann – What would happen if the United States was Erased from Existence Today?

Joanna Troyanos – Marital conflict, parental Romantic attachment, and children’s attachment security in middle childhood

Rachel Vacca – Narratology and the abstract condition of translation theory

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