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Accelerate your path to a rewarding career focused on protecting the environment and promoting sustainability.

Why Earn a Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies?

Today’s world needs highly trained professionals who can address the full spectrum of climate change- and sustainability-related challenges. Our 4+1 accelerated environmental studies program prepares you to meet a range of professional goals in the field and develop solutions that will guide our planet toward a greener future.

Why Earn a Combined BA and MS Degree in Environmental Studies at Adelphi in New York on Long Island?

90%* * based on Adelphi University Career Outcomes Survey: Class of 2022
of our master’s graduates say that Adelphi University increased their understanding of the roles and responsibilities of professionals in their field
based on Adelphi University Career Outcomes Survey: Class of 2022

Students in our 4+1 program benefit from challenging themselves with graduate-level courses during their senior year, completing an MS degree in much less time, with great savings on tuition.

Aaren Freeman, PhD Associate Professor, Biology

Exceptional Hands-On Learning

At Adelphi University in New York on Long Island, we believe strongly in the power of hands-on learning and the value it adds to our students’ future careers. In the 4+1 accelerated pathway, you’ll have numerous chances to enrich your studies by extending your learning beyond the classroom.

In addition to working with the latest technology in Adelphi’s newly refurbished Geographic Information Systems (GIS) laboratory, you’ll have the chance to do fieldwork virtually anywhere. MS in Environmental Studies students have also held internships at top environmental agencies and organizations around the globe, including:

Adelphi Students in Alaska

Adelphi students working in the field in Alaska.

Program Info

The following bachelor’s programs are offered in combination with the MS degree in Environmental Studies:

Application Requirements

If you’re already enrolled in a qualifying undergraduate program and meet the 4+1 accelerated pathway’s GPA requirements, you can apply for this program once you’ve completed particular steps in the major. Speak to your adviser or a 4+1 faculty member to learn more.

Additional Requirements

Students who are already enrolled in a qualifying undergraduate program and who meet GPA requirements can apply for the accelerated program once they have completed particular steps in the major. Speak to a faculty member in the accelerated Environmental Studies program about the 4+1 option.

Transformative Educational Opportunities

All undergraduate students have the opportunity to apply for the following programs to expand their educational landscape:

  • The Honors College – fostering intellectual perspectives and critical skills
  • Levermore Global Scholars – preparing students to become global thinkers and leaders
  • Study Abroad – providing opportunities to experience another culture and see the world from a new perspective

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