In addition to continuing to serve as associate provost for faculty support and global affairs, in 2024, she will lead Levermore Global Scholars, a program that initially drew her to Adelphi because of its unique learning goals.

Susan Briziarelli, PhD, director of Levermore Global Scholars and associate provost for faculty support and global affairs.

Adelphi’s Levermore Global Scholars (LGS) program is a learning community for students of any major. Introduced in 2006, Levermore Global Scholars students examine and address complex global issues such as climate change, sustainability, world health, peacebuilding and human rights and become leaders of positive social and global change.

LGS “was one of the aspects of Adelphi that intrigued me before I came here,” said Susan Briziarelli, PhD, who joined Adelphi in 2008 as associate dean of the Adelphi University College of Arts and Sciences. In 2019, she became Adelphi’s first associate provost for global affairs. In 2023 she was named interim director of LGS.

“The LGS program is unique in several ways,” she said. “Students share an interest in learning more about the world around them and how they can make a difference, and everybody brings a different viewpoint to the table. LGS has some of the most interesting and diverse classroom discussions and conversations. The students are all very engaged inside and outside the classroom. They all are interested in social justice and community action, and many of them are leaders on campus and in outside organizations. To work with them again as the director was an opportunity I welcomed.”

The Importance of Thinking Globally

Preparing students to look at issues from a global perspective is one of the hallmarks of LGS and something that has never been more important.

“We are increasingly connected with the rest of the world: jobs, politics, the economy, the environment,” Dr. Briziarelli said. “Everything happening in the world affects us in some way, and to not learn about it and engage with it is to do ourselves a great disservice.”

Students participate in conferences and workshops at the United Nations and are encouraged to study abroad.

In 2022, Bharat Bhisé, MBA ’78, founded the Bhisé Global Learning Experience, which provides students with distinctive on-campus and international experiential learning opportunities. In January 2023, eight students from LGS traveled to India for a 10-day immersive experience. Participation in the January 2024 excursion to India was extended to non-LGS students.

Notable Levermore Global Scholars Alumni

Many LGS students go on to further their education, become leading professionals in their chosen fields and volunteers.

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